In an effort to get caught up before Season 3 commences, I’m on a serious GREY’S ANATOMY kick. This week I’ve watched the first nine episodes of the second season, and am loving every minute of it. The writing is fantastic, the stories original and the acting top notch. Each character is likable, even Addison, and there is not a Michele in sight (Michele being one of the most annoying characters on TV, so annoying in fact that I have to fast forward GILMORE GIRLS everytime he is on the screen.) I can see why the show received ABC’s coveted post-Superbowl slot and am very excited to meet this ‘Denny’ that everyone’s been talking about (sadly, I already know his fate!)

While on the subject of GREY’S ANATOMY, there have been a lot of rumors floating around the web that the cast is incredibly unhappy with their very own ‘Nazi’ – otherwise known as creator Shonda Rhimes. Apparently the busy Grey’s schedule prevents the actors from taking on other projects while the show is shooting (July – April). According to a source close to the show:

“SANDRA OH is livid that Rhimes isn’t letting her work on any outside projects and just had to turn down a role she got, and many of the other actors are furious and have experienced the same.”

Let’s hope these rumours are just that, rumours, and that the cast hasn’t let fame get to their heads already. Nothing annoys this TV addict more then egomaniacal actors who think they’re more important then the show (ie. Rob Lowe on the WEST WING). I couldn’t have picked ELLEN POMPEO out of a line-up before GREY’S. The show has elevated these lucky actors to stars, and they should be thankful (and loyal) to the show. We all know what happens to greedy actors looking to star in their own vehicles. Just ask David Caruso, Shannon Doherty, Rob Lowe and Shelley Long how their careers went after leaving the shows that made them household names.

Considering the source of this ‘news’ is, it obviously should be taken with a grain of salt. Yet one truth remains. Clearly, the media hype and gossip has moved on from last season’s target, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, and has found a new home at SEATTLE GRACE.

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  • Sam

    I can maybe, MAYBE see Sandra Oh being upset is she couldn’t take roles. I knew who she was before the show because of seeing her in many roles. Same thing with Patrick Dempsey and Kathrine Heigl. I’m not sure what to think if the rumors are false. I think justifiably that DH, Lost and GA are ABC’s most watched shows (and probably on all of tv) so they should be making those actors happy as long as they pull in the high 20+ million viewers.

  • These rumors have been around for a while. The actress that plays Addison, Kate Walsh, had to mysteriously drop out of a role in a film with no reason given. Sandra Oh really has no merit to be upset though, her contract must stipulate that she works on Grey’s August through March or April. She’s more than free to do films during her hiatus.

  • Eddie Oh

    Sandra Oh has every right to be p***ed She and Kate Burton are the only two on the show who previously made their living in film Sandra has had a thriving and award winning carreer in Canada , wheere she is a star and independant film work most notably last years Sideways Every body else on the show was no one, or a B level actor with a sliding career , this shows writers have re awakened interest in them and they should be grateful to be working in a hit Ellen Pompeo has made some pretty awfull z grade movies and Dempsey was a nice but not overly talented Kid star til he was 20