Well, I’m a bit late (had to work, damn you real life!), but I’m finally able to LIVE BLOG from the EMMYS! Okay, not exactly ‘from’ the EMMYS, rather, my living room, with the TV turned on! That said, I’m doing pretty well with my picks so far (seriously, this isn’t about winning the EMMY Pool). I’m 3 for 4 on picks! Stay tuned…

9:28pm: Tom Sellick’s alive?

9:30pm: Who ever thought HOWIE MANDELL would be saving NBC?

9:31pm: Is this entire telecast a promo for NBC and NBC related shows?

9:32pm: How do I get a TV in a suitcase, now that is cool!



9:40pm: Hugh Laurie was robbed. Definitely deserved a best actor nod. I guess this is supposed to be funny that Hugh Laurie is French…. um, not really.

9:41pm: NBC infomercial, STUDIO 60’s Bradley and Matthew are presenting. So excited for the show. Saw the pilot, STUDIO 60 will rock. Aaron Sorkin rocks!

9:44pm: Best Actor in a Comedy, sorry ‘outstanding’ actor in a comedy.. .they’re all winners, of course only one actor can win. If it’s Tony Shaloub I’ll be pissed. I hate him (Same with Sheen for that matter)… BOOOOOOOOOOO TONY SHALOUB… EMMY VOTERS DO NOT WATCH TV. STEVE CARELL was ROBBED! Tony said it himself, ‘there’s been a terrible mistake’ ummm. YEAH! STEVE CARELL was ROBBED!

9:46pm: It just occured to me, my PVR is a bit behind…… I’m bloggin in the ‘past’ – apparently TONY SHALOUB already won! d’oh. Okay, it’s a commercial – I’ve caught up to the ‘live Emmy telecast’

9:47pm: Let’s hope Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford are both back at the EMMYS next year, as nominees!

9:49pm: STUDIO 60 COMMERCIAL…… again, this show ROCKS!

9:50pm: Emmy Studio Chairman….. snooze!

9:51pm: Tribute to Aaron Spelling…. pan to spelling family.. WHERE’S TORI??? I can’t believe Tori isn’t there. 90210 represent! Stephen Collins… where’s Ian Zeiring? Lord knows he could use the exposure. Joan Collins, does she age? She’s like 100? Holy Plastic Surgery! Heather Locklear still looks amazing. (I Miss MELROSE PLACE). Pan to TORI! hmmmm.. not sitting with her brother/step mom, interesting…. Spelling Retrospective…… funny how all these tv shows from the 70’s are movies! 90210 FINALLY! MELROSE, I MISS YOU.. 7TH HEAVEN BOOOOO (bring back EVERWOOD!) nice transition… CHARLIE’S ANGELS…….. is Farrah Fawcett hammered again!??!? Will Farrah implode? Does she not remember ditching the ANGELS? She can’t hide, I saw ‘Behind the Camera, the Charlie’s Angels Story’!

10:00pm: Great Spelling Tribute. He will be missed.

10:05pm: Best TV Movie, shocked FLIGHT 93 didn’t win.

10:08pm: Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart….. GODS. WOW, look at the Balcony, so many empty seats, Why am I not at the Emmys? Next year! Ummm.. Why is Nicole Richie sitting beside Harrison Ford? American Idol deserves it. WOW, the AMAZING RACE again.. their FAMILY experiment BLEW…. that is wrong….. AMERICAN IDOL is a juggernaut. Hey, but like Aaron Spelling, i guess the amount of fans don’t matter, just ‘critical acclaim’

10:15pm: ER PROMO.. ummmm, ER is so 1998…. 2006 is all about GREY’S ANATOMY.

10:17pm: Another great CONAN O’BRIEN QUOTE: He played a doctor on HOUSE, she played a doctor on GREY’S ANATOMY, yet they both can present an award, Are you listening Lebanon and Israel?

10:19pm: Another British Winner… when did the Emmy’s turn into the BAFTA’s?

10:20pm: I love when people who won awards that I don’t care about don’t show up. did we really need to hear a speach from Richard Curtis… ummm NO! Obligatory support of troops overseas… way to go SOPRANOS stars. Our troops overseas must be mentioned at least once during any award show.

10:21pm: ELIZABETH 1 wins for best miniseries… the BAFTA parade continues… award shows are a lot more fun when I actually have seen, or heard of the shows or movies!

10:22pm: Standard montage of dead actors with AMERICAN PRESIDENT theme in the background. So sad, really. Jon Spencer will be missed so much. Michael Pillar – Star Trek, so sad. Mike Douglas, I’m too young to remember….. it is odd, sort of a competition for the dead, who will get the most claps, for sure Jon Spencer. Pat Morita… Mr. Myagi.. Wax On/Wax Off…. Jon Spencer, way too short a clip, Don Knotts got the biggest clap.. oh wait, Richard Pryor was close.

10:30pm: Felicity presents with Keifer… has every DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE presented? Lead Actress in a Miniseries.. HELEN MIRREN, what a surprise. Do Americans win anything in Britain? What’s the deal… What did Helen just say…. I can’t understand this crazy British accent. Great speech by Helen… British people sound so smart!

10:32pm: Calista Flockhart… looking better then Nicole Richie… but come’on Calista.. eat something. You live in the US…. TGIF, CHILI’S, IN&OUT….

10:33pm: Lead Actress…. Mariska Hargitay. Your son is named August, huh. I can’t complain, she does a great job. I really did want to see Allison Janney win again. I love the WEST WING…. Great speach Mariska.

10:36pm: Apple MAC commercials rock….. no, i’m not baised at all as I type on my sexy Powerbook. Get a MAC! Be Cool!

10:40pm: OFFICE commercial! The promo with Jim and Pam… a little too sappy for my liking… THE OFFICE is supposed to be funny, not make me cry.

10:41pm: Lead Actress in a COMEDY…. Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The SEINFELD curse is officially broken. I can’t complain, she is funny. Julia: I’m not someone who believes in Curses….. CURSE THIS BABY! Lisa Kudrow was brilliant though. THANK YOUR HUSBAND! YOUR HUSBAND! She DID it!!!! Nice speech Julia

10:43pm: Ray Liotta presenting, why does he look like ROB LOWE? Best Actor in a drama. Ray Liotta… holy botox… no teeth! That is not normal! The Emmy goes to…. Kiefer Sutherland… no surpise. The Emmys LOVE him. I didn’t realize it was his first win though. That is nice. Kiefer is way cool. I really should watch the second half of last season’s 24 – Who’s Sarah Do? hmmmmm (Kiefer’s final thank you!)

A note to fellow Canadians.. if you have an HD terminal, you can watch the show on NBC’s HD channel and you actually get the AMERICAN COMMERCIALS.. not the awful CTV ones.

10:49pm: Two awards left…. Best Comedy Series. Bob Newhart, he made it. (I was really worried!). No one deadpans like Bob Newhart. A legend. Best COMEDY Series… i want them all to win.. except 2.5 men….. the WINNER: THE OFFICE!!!! Totally deserved. Would have been happy with either OFFICE, SCRUBS, or AD. Great speach. Holy Bafta Awards, The only winners tonight, if you’re british or based on a British Show. How awesome does Pam Beesley look??? Great Speach Greg Daniels

10:54pm: Annette Bening, presents the Best Drama: GO GREY’S.. and the winner is… 24!!!! WOW, a bit surprised…… was sort of hopingn for GREY’S. Oh no, they’re showing a clip.. I haven’t seen the whole season, I hope they don’t spoil it for me! Winning so speach, sort of boring. Let’s hope Conan ends it on a high note. Award show endings, so lame, it’s a rush to finish before 11pm. Well they did it, it’s over! Thanks for reading!

Now I will rewind my PVR and watch the first 1.5 hours, don’t worry, I won’t be bloggin! Have a a great night everybody!

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  • Tim

    CARREL WAS ROBBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SO ROBBED! i hate MONK and SHALOUB…. why do people think he’s funny!

  • Tim

    A bit off topic, but I really think NBC is going to do very well with their new shows. Not only do they have the best shows debuting this year, they get the chance to advertise them all on the Emmy’s, I think things are just lining up right for NBC this year.

  • Tim

    I don’t get the Monk fascination, either. How does Steve Carell not have an emmy in his hands at this very moment? It makes no sense, he absolutely knocked it out of the park this season on The Office.

  • mg714

    The one award I was so sure of was the best comedy actor and Steve winning. This is horrible. How could he not have one! He was incredible last year – I think he submitted “The Injury” episode and he was hilarious in that! The van scene and in the hospital with Dwight? Just everything! This is ridiculous. If The Office doesn’t win, then we need to just erase this year of the Emmys!

  • Tim, agreed. NBC is doing a great this job this summer, promoting their shows. Very excited for a lot of their line-up.

  • mg714

    oops – meant “How could he not have won” (not one 🙂 ) hehe

  • mg714. agreed, Carrel was robbed…. for some reason, people like Monk? I don’t get it.?

  • mg714

    I wonder if Conan was foreshadowing this mess of winners when he said that this was the last Emmys? 😉 Oh well – I only have one more hope for The Office, otherwise, this year’s just a wash for me….

  • This is the WORST Emmys for me ever…I can’t believe I can’t watch them live. And here I thought it was going to be fun to be in LA for the big event. Nope. And now that Steve lost…ugh. Just ugh.

  • GMMR…. I know what you’re going through….. I was in LA for the OSCARS this year! (Sadly, not at the OSCARS!)

  • chocolatebonita

    James Gandofini couldn’t wait to get off stage. Could he look more miserable?

  • chocolatebonita – James Gandolfini NEVER looks happy!

  • chocolatebonita

    I always thought that August was a girl’s name. . . .

  • AUGUST… brutal name. Growing up is hard enough, why give your kid a name that is just asking to get made fun of.

  • chocolatebonita

    Then again August will probably be going to school with Apple, Coco, Moses and Suri, so I’m sure his life is going to be just fine

  • chocolatebonita

    Ray Liotta freaks me out. He looked much too serious when he was presenting

  • Ray Liotta, A little too much Botox.

    Coco is the worst kids name ever… apple probably the best. moses? august? suri belong with frank zappa’s kids.. moon unit and zappa

  • chocolatebonita

    American commericals? You mean you don’t enjoy the Bell Beaver commericals?? Note to self: Get a HD terminal tomorrow.

  • Rogers Digital HD truly does rock!

  • Tim

    The OFFICE!!!!!!!!!


  • chocolatebonita

    Please let Grey’s or house or 24 win

  • Tim

    Right before they read the winner I got scared that 2 1/2 Men would win, thank god it didn’t. I, too would have been happy with AD, Scrubs or the Office.

  • chocolatebonita

    yeah !!! 24 !!!

  • Tim

    YES! 24! I would rather Lost have been nominated and won, but I am fine with 24 winning.

  • chocolatebonita

    time to turn the tv off. Thanks for the great blogging!

  • 24, can’t be upset, it’s a great show. GREY’S will get it next year. Thanks for reading!

  • Michael

    Nooooo! House!

  • mg714

    Yay office and 24!

  • John Drake

    Tony Shaloub is a comic genius.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love The Daily show and all of it’s almuni, including Carell, but Shaloub is on a level approaching Buster Keaton.
    No Kidding.
    His silent routines on Monk rival the greats from that era.
    Stop knocking Shaloub.
    He’s earned every honor he’s ever received!

  • Jenny

    Hrmph. I love Monk/Shaloub! 😀 Overall, though, I’m disappointed. Were any of the speeches worth watching it? (I missed it tonight, but could catch the rerun on Bravo later if I need to.)

  • Hey, I put a comment on here, and its not on here anymore. Did the site admin erase it or something? I was just saying that Tony Shaloub is a good actor. I know it was posted because I remember clicking on my name that linked to my site.


  • Lee T

    Hugh Laurie is British. Very few people realized that until the awards show circuit of 2005. It was surprising to hear his natural accent last year. This year, he came out speaking in French. Apparently so well that some thought that he was from France. Therein lies the humor. :o)

  • Lee T – I got the joke, just didn’t find it funny L)

  • Jenny

    Sean J, you made another post about Tony Shaloub on the post after this… Check that one.

  • kg

    Kiefer was saying “Sarah Jude,” his daughter, I believe.

    I LOVE Conan. He was brilliant.

    My only complaint is that “Scrubs” gets shafted year after year. And NONE of the actors on the show got nods. John C. McGinley gets snubbed every friggin’ year.

  • Celia

    Shaloub is the character actor’s character actor. I mean, from “Jeebs” to Monk? From Primo in the Big Night to Wings?