Emmy’s Best [and Worst] Moments

In the end, even after all the nomination controversy, the EMMYS once again proved that they’re just like any other award show – more specifically somewhat entertaining, far too long, and generally anti-climatic. Some of this TV addict’s highlights included:

I’m a sucker for opening numbers. Host Conan O’Brien being digitally inserted into some of TV’s biggest hits (LOST, THE OFFICE to name a few) a great way to open the show. Sure it was a complete rip-off of Billy Crystal at the Oscars, but I never get tired of seeing it. Best line of his monologue was with regards to the Emmy Trophy, “Of course it’s heavy. It contains the shattered dreams of four [losers]”

Greg Garcia’s acceptance speech for Best Comedy Writing (My Name Is Earl) was so funny that it almost makes me want to actually watch the show. I loved how he mentioned that growing up in Cleveland, he always watched the Emmys and when the ‘Best Comedy Writing’ award was being given out all he wanted to do was to get back to the ‘Acting Awards’.

Is there some sort of unwritten rule that all Miniseries and TV Movie award winners must be british. With the parade of Brits (Not that there’s anything wrong with that) accepting Emmys, I thought for a brief moment I was watching the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are the smartest men on TV. Colbert’s rant on losing to Barry Manilow was great, and sadly, the most honest moment on the show. Barry Manilow? Seriously?

Spelling was a legendary producer who deserved an Emmy Tribute. More importantly though, did you notice the Spelling Family? I’m pretty sure Tori was sitting on the opposite end of the theatre from her brother Randi and step-mom Candy (yes that’s her real name). Can’t wait to read about this on PerezHilton.

Here’s a thought. If the winners are just going to be the same old faces (ie. Tony Shalhoub, Alan Alda), why not at least ensure a fan favourite gets a nomination. Throw Lauren Graham a bone. Why not nominate Edward James Olmos. It doesn’t matter if they’re nominated, Tony Shalhoub will still win.

Tony Shalhoub aside (yes I’m still bitter about Steve Carell being robbed), I can’t really complain. Who’s going to argue that 24 didn’t deserve to win, or that Julia Louis-Dreyfus didn’t deserve her trophy (take that Seinfeld Curse). Overall I was happy.

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  • Jenny

    I think I read that Tori & her (step?)-mom were having a fight about what Tori got in the will. :-/

  • Everything I saw “my” Kiefer on screen, I grinned ear-to-ear like an idiot. LOVE HIM. 😉

    Also, when The Office guys recognized my personal heroes Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, sitting in the audience? I was clapping and smiling like an idiot haha…they are brilliant!

  • Shan

    Anyone notice Farrah Fawcett? She looked totally wacked out figiting and looking all around the stage. She must have some issues being on stage cause she looked way out of place. Nice of her to show up I guess….

  • Shan – when does Farrah Fawcett not looked totally wacked out? Remember the infamous letterman appearance!

  • Doug

    Greg Garcia *was* very funny, but he didn’t day that. That was the guy who won the Director category.