The Ends Is Near…. K-FED on CSI

According to my source at CBS, ‘performer’ and ‘rapper’ KEVIN FEDERLINE will be guest starring on an upcoming episode of CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION

Federline will portray an arrogant teenager who harasses the CSI team as they investigate a series of brutal tourist beatings that are taking place throughout the Las Vegas area. Nick and Warrick are confronted by Cole Tritt, (Federline), an arrogant teen who hassles them while they work a crime scene.

This shameless casting stunt just shows us how nervous the producers of CSI may be of their new competition: the phenomenom that is GREY’S ANATOMY.

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  • Lmao, so he is going to play “trailer trash” in the upcoming CSI show. That shouldn’t be to hard for him :P.

    The sad thing is though, that in that recent home video with Britney Spears and K-Fed, he seemed like the smarter one there, before he started swearing. I never realised how unintelligent swearing makes you sound until I heard it coming from him.

  • When I got this Press Release in my email, I didn’t bother to open it. Thanks for subjecting yourself to K-Fed related material.

  • Grey’s Anatomy: 1 Million (for scoring Eric Dane as McSteamy)

    CSI: negative 1 Million…. (for “scoring” K-Fed as “himself” more or less)

  • Sam

    CSI finally won’t be the most watched show on television for an episode! Or maybe it will, so everyone can see the trainwreck that is K-Fed’s ‘acting’.

    And yes Amrie, Grey’s Anatomy is going to be very interesting (see: HOT) this season with McSteamy, McDreamy AND McVet (I just love those ‘McSomething’ names 🙂

  • OY! But they’ve had casting bungles before and if he gets the red-shirt it’ll be fun to watch 😀

  • Liz

    OMI!! How on earth is he going to get away with playing a teenager??

  • If Ian Ziering (Steve from 90210) could pull off playing a high school student – anyone can!