Battlestar Galactica Season 3 News

According to the SCI FI Wire, fans should expect some fatalities among our favourite BATTLESTAR GALACTICA characters in the upcoming third season. At the 64th World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon), BSG showrunner Ronald D. Moore stated

Oh, there’re some changes in the air, We’re going to lose some people this year. Not all of our friends are going to make it all the way.

Obviously no specific names were mentioned, but this TV Addict’s good friend, Lauren, believes President Rosalin won’t make it to see ‘Earth’. Personally, I think Lauren is off her rocker! But we’ll have to wait until season 3 begins to unfold – starting this October.

Moore also took a moment to mention the long-awaited BSG ‘webisodes’. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: THE RESISTANCE will are on SCIFI.COM’s Pulse Network, twice weekly, starting September 5, 2006. The two- or three-minute shorts will serve as a lead-in to the new season and, although not essential to the plot, will enhance the viewing experience.

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  • BSG without Mary Mac (Mary McDonald, Laura Roslin) will just not be the same…..Fingers crossed that Lauren is truly nuts! 🙂

  • Well Whedon is known for killing off major characters when you least expect it and I’ve always loved that. It’ll be the same for BSG, for me anyway.

  • concernedcitizen

    thanks Amrie…’s nice to know that what happens in san diego stays in san diego. just wait for me to put out the tell all book!

  • Haha! I only said that I hope you’re nuts 😉

    PS Who is excited for NEXT year in San Diego? You know we’re going back, right??? 🙂