entourage ari lloyd quotes

With all the EMMY HOOPLA I haven’t had time to discuss my favourite summer series, ENTOURAGE (Why HBO would air the finale up against the EMMYS I’ll never understand). Sunday’s finale was pretty much the ‘Ari Show’, as Hollywood’s favourite agent desperately tried to save his job. Vince and Eric were not pleased that the ‘Ramones Project’ fell threw, and Ari attempts everything short of whoring out Lloyd to get it back – and save his job. In fact the Ari/Lloyd Banter was definitely the highlight of the episode (see favourite quotes above).

So did Ari end up getting fired? I won’t ruin it for you here (in case you missed it), but you’ll have to wait until the Spring to find out. While ENTOURAGE’S third season is twenty episodes, the second ten will air with the final SOPRANOS episodes in Spring 2007.

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  • “How does it feel to get fucked in the ass Lloyd?”
    “I wouldn’t know Ari, I’m a top.”

  • Another series of banter between Ari and Eric and turle with a love interest at last!