JUSTICE Premiere’s Tonight on FOX

In anticipation of FOX’s premiere of JUSTICE, check out the TV addict’s early pReview by clicking here. Aside from the fact that the TV addict is ALWAYS excited by new TV (so-long Reruns), JUSTICE looks highly entertaining.

Featuring Victor Garber as a ‘Dr. HOUSEesque’ lawyer, and also starring DAWSON’S CREEK alum Kerr Smith what’s not to Love? Be sure to tune into JUSTICE tonight at 9pm on FOX (Following the second season premiere of BONES).

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  • Victor Garber can dye his hair as much as he wants but he’ll always be bad-ass Jack Bristow to me.

    I am happy to see Spy Daddy on TV again though.

  • Maria

    I absolutely love this show! I love law drama that focuses on Defense rather than prosecution all the time. Its almost “the practice” but not quite. It shows how High profile cases are being tried by high profile lawyers..its great! Victor Garber is amazing! I love that they have “nancy grace” type character who prejudices the jury pool all the time!
    Im glad that they are showing the defense side. Considering all the prejudism going on in the media its refreshing to see and realize that some of these defendants we have may actually be innocent. I am a firm believer of “innocent unless proven guilty”. These days, because of talking heads like Nancy Grace, this rarely happens anymore.
    Love the show! Watch it!