JUSTICE Premiere Review

Whether it’s LAW & ORDER or CSI, I’m traditionally not a huge fan of procedural dramas. Sure the stories are slick, and the crimes are shocking – but the emphasis is generally on the crime, not character. I much prefer my TV drama filled with characters I can invest in. Give me a spunky teen detective, a spy in a red wig, or a group of island castaways and I’ll follow their adventures for seasons on end.

That said, I tuned into last night’s premiere of JUSTICE for one reason,  and one reason only — SPY DADDY. Better known to ‘normal’ TV viewers as VICTOR GARBER (see stalker-esque photo of myself and Victor above!). Garber plays Ron Trott — a brilliant, ego-driven attorney who, along with his team of equally smart lawyers (including DAWSON’S CREEK alum Kerr Smith) — uses jury manipulation, focus groups, CSI-style forensics, media spin and pretty much any other tactic to ensure the verdict is in their client’s favor. 

In last night’s premiere, Trott and his team helped defend Kevin O’Neil – a man accused of killing his wife. Naturally, the case is all over the news and has captured a nation’s attention (Think O.J.). With the help of snappy cutaways, fast-paced dialogue and really cool computer re-inactments, Trott and his team attempt to re-create their version of what happened, ensuring that O’Neil’s ‘story’ plays well with the jury. Obviously the odds are stacked against Trott and his team, but this being TV, it’s not hard to predict the episodes conclusion.

Yet here’s the hook – and frankly the reason JUSTICE stands out from the long list of legal dramas currently on TV. In the final scene of every episode, after the verdict has been delivered, viewers will get to see how the victim actually died. This spin on the standard LAW & ORDER is what kept me interested the entire hour. Did Tom O’Neil actually kill his wife? Or is Trott and his team defending an innocent man? The answer may surprise you, it certainly did me. 

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  • I though Spy!Daddy was delightful in this role 🙂 He was actually providing some comic relief, and I think that this role definitely suits him. Jack McPhee (Kerr Smith) on the other hand – I’m not sure my thoughts. I think I’m going to hold off on deciding whether this is a must see show or not until next week’s episode.

    The ending definitely shocked me though, so that’s big points!

  • Amrie,

    Totally agree. I wasn’t impressed with Kerr Smith either – but I”m definitely going to hold off being too critical into next week’s episode (I say give him one more week before we publicily rip apart his career online!)

  • Nice Pic!

  • John

    I was very pleasnatly surprised by the show. I found it compelling for the whole hour.

    I wasn’t surpised by the verdict, but was surprised by the truth of the death.

  • Hmmm I have a poor review of the show.. I was disapointed in general. To quick to snappy and little substance

  • Sam

    I didn’t watch the entire thing (maybe 10 minutes total-a habit with these new FOX shows) but the ten minutes I did watch hooked me. The only reason I didn’t finish was because I had to go, otherwise I would have.

    I’m not really sure who Kerr Smith was but I know who you guys are talking about when you say ‘SpyDaddy’ because I did watch Alias.

    Oh well, I’ll have to catch next weeks episode then.

  • Rick

    This show is awful. It does do a good job of showing what scumbags lawyers really are and proves that way too many guilty people are walking the streets because of the stupidity of some of our laws.