McDreamy makes EW’s cover


You know you’re a little to addicted to TV when…. you purchase a copy of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY’S FALL TV PREVIEW even though you know you’ll be getting it in the mail within the next day or two.

In my defence, not only is EW’s FALL TV PREVIEW one of my favourite issues (other favourites include the ‘Power Issue’, ‘Must List’ and ‘Best of…’ issues), I’ve also been on a total GREY’S ANATOMY kick – having just finished watching season 2 up to the SuperBowl two-parter!

EW’S FALL TV PREVIEW issue not only previews all of your favourite new and returning shows, there are great photos of some of this TV addict’s personal favourites, including: STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP, LAUREN GRAHAM AND KRISTEN BELL, BROTHERS & SISTERS, BONES, SHARK, 30 ROCK, LOST THE NINE and more!

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  • just an observation… i’ve bought the last three fall tv preview issues and first, there was Alicia Silverstone on the cover for Miss Match (lasted one season)… then, there was Matt LeBlanc and Drea DeMatteo for Joey (lasted two seasons). so… bad luck, right? last year, they made sure the one on the cover was a hit so Matthew Fox from Lost was on the cover. this year, another sure thing with McDreamy of GA on the cover. i think they’re playing safe on those covers now… hehe…

  • mars_mg – such a good observation. Although I’m going to admit something to you – I actually enjoyed JOEY. It wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone thinks, it just wasn’t ‘Friends’

  • i found joey funny as well… but people were so wrong in expecting it to be ‘Friends’ so that fact made the show doomed from the start…nothing could ever be ‘Friends’… i miss that show so much. it’s funny how i just noticed that i’ve been collecting the fall tv previews last year. now, being the tv junkie that i am, i’m determined to collect these for as long as this golden age of television lasts.

  • Jenny

    I liked Joey too. heh Ah well. 😀