Smallville Season 6 Promo

I have a surprising confession to make, and considering I’m a self professed TV addict, this may shock some of you. Okay, here it goes (deep breath) — I haven’t actually watched last season’s finale of SMALLVILLE. It’s saved on my PVR, but I’ve yet to watch. Why you ask? I’ll tell you.

SMALLVILLE infuriates me. The show has so much potential, and at times can be fantastic. I really enjoy the Clark vs. Lex mythology, while at the same times want to gauge my eyes out everytime Clark and Lana play out their inevitably doomed romantic storyline. Don’t get be wrong, I have nothing against Kristin Kreuk (the actress who plays Lana), it’s just unfortunate that the ‘Lana’ storylines completely suck out all the energy and entertainment from the show.

That said, I’m a sucker for the Superman Mythos and will definitely be tuning into the season 6 premiere. Check out the preview below.

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  • Great Promo, just like last year’s. But I’m wondering how many people will have amnesia this year. And we get it, we get the wink wink, he can wear something else than a blue T and a red jacket.

  • DAVE, couldn’t have said it better myself….. I can’t stand how he’s always wearing blue and red – we all know Clark grows up to be Superman – WEAR A DIFFERENT COLOUR!

  • Liz

    Damn, I swore never to watch anything remotely CW related since they cancelled the holy of the holies and that was totally accidental, but what a wicked promo. Do you think it’s okay to watch Smallville if it shows on a different channel in the UK???

  • hehe… it’s true how the blue and red thing could get old… still, i love smallville (though it has its generous share of extreme highs and lows) so i can’t wait ’til the new season starts. i seriously hope things pick up again.

  • Tom

    Could not have said it better. This show is getting on my nerves with it’s repetitive storylines. Let Lana find out so we can move on. I love Smallville, but I get so frustrated when it turns in to ‘Dawson’s Creek’ except that Dawson has super powers. Some other things that need to happen: Clark needs to fly more (I realize this may be difficult with a WB budget, but come on he’s Superman), Lex needs to commit to becoming a baddass (enough with the inner struggle, he’s complex, we get it), and secondary characters need to take a backseat (who cares about sub-plots at this point). This is a great show, but I cannot stand seeing Superman as a lovesick coward. The character is supposed to be lonely (like all superheroes), he should tell Lana the truth and then get out of dodge. I used to care about Clark and Lana getting together, but the writers are really trying my patience. It’s Season 6, come on.