As Seen on CTV….

Tomorrow night at 10pm, the fourth season of NIP/TUCK premieres on the FX Network. Unfortunately, Canadian fans of the show will not get to watch the premiere with our friends to the south. The reason for this is that CTV, the Canadian network that owns the rights to NIP/TUCK hasn’t decided when they plan on airing the show. According to their web site, (, “CTV will be airing the 4th Season of Nip/Tuck, however, no premiere airdate has been confirmed at this time.”

Yet again, this TV addict will get on his high horse (why, because I can) and say that this isn’t acceptable! In the era of internet message boards and television web site, shows like NIP/TUCK need to be aired concurrently with our US friends. It completely ruins the TV experience for us when CTV will air a show months after everyone else on the internet has already spoiled it for us.

While I’m on my soapbox, let me also say how much it bothers me that CTV labels the new DVD seasons of VERONICA MARS and NIP/TUCK with stickers that read ‘as seen on CTV.’ With the help of Photoshop, I’ve re-designed the sticker to spout the truth (see photo above).

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  • Welcome to the European TVaddict World! Few Examples: LOST S2 starts next Monday, Gilmoregilrs S6 started 2 weeks ago. Las Vegas (not, that I’d watch that crap): Still in Season 1. Veronica Mars: Season 2? Not even in sight.
    any questions?

  • Pick Sieht Fern – I suppose I should look on the bright side – I could live in Europe! How on earth do you avoid spoilers… it must be impossible!

  • Snowman

    Pick sieht fern I am still waiting for the 15 minutes A & E cut from Spooks (MI 6) from the first three seasons. The DVDs are so expensive here. Season 4 is nowhere in site, even though A & E did promo the shows return last year. I know season 5 starts September 16 across the pond, I doubt we’ll ever see it on our tube! So sometimes we long for something a little European!

  • I have to go through the same thing for the Stargate Atlantis. But I just get it off Bittorrent. I know, I know, I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it. I’ll end up watching it again though once it comes to the Space Channel. Its because of reasons like this that Stargate SG-1 is being cancelled. They have to smarten up and put it on at the same time in Canada as in the US.

    Pirate Unite :P. Joking, joking, watch them on TV when you can so you can support the show.

    Oh, and CTV is a pain in the ass and Canadian TV in general sucks, except for the exception of ‘The Rick Mercer Report’, ‘Corner Gas’, and some CBC movies. YTV has some good cartoony products on there everyonce in a while too I guess.

    I’m Canadian, so I’m allowed to say TV up here sucks.

  • I know this is against Canadian Law to say this, but I just don’t think CORNER GAS is that funny.

  • mars_mg

    now you know why people settle for getting their episodes another way. *wink wink* here in the philippines, we’re about to end one tree hill and veronica mars’ latest seasons. we’re SO behind on grey’s anatomy. our cable channels here, ETC, Crime/Suspense & Jack TV (all under one company), rock so we are able to catch up as best as we can (but a few months later). but if some other network gets it, like Studio 23, we get so behind, it’s not even funny.