My Take on TV: Nip/Tuck Premieres

Do you remember last year when Nip/Tuck fans were all so frakking excited about Season 3 starting, and everyone was talking about who The Carver would be, and we all felt that bringing Quentin on was definitely a red herring and that someone else had to be the murderous felon because bringing Bruno Campos on to the cast was just too, too obvious, not to mention how exciting the idea of the fabulous Rhona Mitra (Tara from The Practice/Boston Legal) being a cast member? How, coming off of Seasons 1 and 2, there wasn’t a show that did drama, and crazy bat-shit stuff better and with more believability than Nip/Tuck?

The anticipation was intense, and friends of mine from work actually had countdown calendars to the season premiere. We had a party and then each week, we watched together, feeling less and less excited as the season went on.

Now, do you remember at the end of season 3 when Nip/Tuck fans were all sad, and angry that Ryan Murphy had decided that Quentin was indeed The Carver, and that his sister Kit (the normally spot-on Rhona Mitra) was in on the plan, and not to mention the fact that he left the story open-ended for a scary return of the carving siblings?

Do you remember how far removed from the core relationship between Christian, Sean, and Julia the show got, that it was almost too crazy-difficult to remember why we cared about them in the first place?

With the premiere of Nip/Tuck Season 4 set for Tuesday at 10 on F/X, I’m thrilled to say that Ryan Murphy and company have shaken their Season 3 crazy-shell, and is full force ready for a ridiculously perfect 4th Season.

Here are some things that we should be looking forward to going through Season 4:

Christian, Sean, and Julia are back to form, to the acting form we‘ve come to know and love. They all three had to come out of a horrific season, given stale plot threads, and awful character assassinations to truly come out on the other end with what seems to be a revitalized love for the amazing characters that we’ve come to know and love. As Sean and Julia are reconnected to bring their child into the world, we’ll see the old flames come back to the forefront, bringing the only love-triangle that I enjoy watching back to the front burner.

Speaking of mad crazy characters that we all know and love? Matt and Kimber are going to share screen time. Kimber is one of the most amazingly screwed up characters EVER written, but she’s sympathetic to a fault, and I really find myself truly in awe of the layers that Kelly Carlson has been able to give the porn-directing nut basket. As well, Matt has easily, since episode one, been my favourite character. He’s a maladjusted teenager coming to terms with all of the really messed up stuff in his life, and I applaud John Hensley for being able to play him subtlety and as strongly as possible, at the same time.

Also, I’m not normally a fan of stunt-casting. I hated when Paris Hilton was on Veronica Mars, and Will and Grace suffered so many guest star problems, that I found myself forgetting who the real stars were. That said, I have to admit that I’m so excited about the people that Nip/Tuck has assembled for their redemption season!!! Kathleen Turner, ACTING ROYALTY. Larry Hagman? A genius. Sanaa Lathan, Brooke Shields, Rosie O’Donnell, etc. etc. etc. The list goes on, each name as impressive as the others.

I really hope that this show continues on the upswing, and doesn’t fall into the same trap that Season 3 did. I will remain a fan until proven otherwise.

In Other News….

How much did everyone love the Bones season premiere on Wednesday night? Booth and Bones have such intense chemistry that it makes me insane. I’m not sure how I’m feeling about Dr. Saroyan, but I’m going to hold off my judgment until the next episode, because, as we all know, I worship this show more and more each minute I spend with my favourite characters!!

House’s season premiere is also Tuesday night – 8PM on FOX! If any show gets better each and every week, it’s this one. Hugh Laurie plays Gregory House with such a natural smarmy disheveled grace that it’s beyond easy to forget that he’s a proper English gentleman with a snapping wit. The supporting cast? I find something more to love about each and every one of them as the show goes on. I cannot wait!

I’m going to catch Standoff this week – rumours abound that, despite Ron Livingston being the main guy, this will be the first show on the chopping block (I say “Really? Before Happy Hour and ‘Til Death?”). I’ll give it a fair shot, and let you know my reaction next week.

I’m also planning on watching the second episode of Justice, give it a second chance to make a really great second impression. I hope that I like it a lot!

Opening day on the new Fantasy Teevee season is September 10. Drafting will start this coming Sunday, and we’ll start clocking shows as of September 17!!! Sign up for many teams – it’s going to be a great year!!

Finally, I want to extend my condolences to relatives and friends of Steve Irwin. It’s so difficult to fathom the fact that this man who has been fighting exotic animals (and educating people about the beautiful creatures) for years was done-in, so to speak, by one of the very sea animals he tried to help people understand.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week. Check in next week, as I talk about my 10 favourite reasons that I can’t fight the addiction to Degrassi: The Next Generation!

As always – Amrie

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  • Sam

    Amrie, great column and thoughts as usual. I don’t watch Bones but I might this season to see what all the hype is about, and Tuesday is going to the best night on television for me come October 3 with Veronica Mars, House AND Nip/Tuck. Hooray!

    I’m already looking forward to your ‘top 10’ Degrassi list. If you’re half as addicted as I am, then I can already predict what some of your reasons are.