PRISON BREAK: Dumbest Criminals Alive

prison break Michael ScoffieldAs a loyal fan of PRISON BREAK, I’m prepared to suspend my level of disbelief for one hour every Monday night — But last night’s episode was definitely testing my limits.

To start, is a seasoned FBI agent like William Fitchner really going to believe that after years of planning, Michael and Lincoln just drove off a bridge to their deaths?

Are Sucre and C-Note the dumbest criminals alive? (Well considering C-Note thought he could ‘pretend’ to be in Iraq when he really was in prison, quite possibly). But seriously — forget your family and loved ones, head to Mexico. You’re just asking to be thrown back in Fox River.

A note to Michael: If you’re trying to blend in, the ‘Forrest Gump’ look may attract some attention.

And finally, how many back-up plans does Michael have? Plan ‘A’ and ‘B’ have definitely failed, are we going to be halfway through the alphabet before the season is out. It seems as though Michael has contingency plan after contingency plan. Here’s a tip if you’re ever planning to break your wrongfully convicted brother out of prison. Ensure you have at least 26 back-up plans (one for each letter of the alphabet). If PRISON BREAK has taught us anything – it’s that breaking out isn’t as easy as it looks, not even on TV.

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  • Oh Tvaddict, when a pet doctor sutures a hand without the patient being under and in a clinic, my disbelief is more that tested.

    I think it was established early in season one that sucre and C-Note aren’t the sharpest pencils in the pencil box.

    I don’t think though that agent Fitchner believes they are dead, which is why he starded poping pills. And what are they for? Is it for mental problems or just a plain old health problem? Which either will end up being exploited anyway.

  • Dave, Maitland from TVGuide had a great theory on the Veterinarian. He immigrated from India where he was a medical Doctor, but he didn’t have the money to get accredited in the States so he had to become a Veterinarian. How’s that for believability!

  • Sam

    Sigh…I sadly very much agree with you this season. This is definitely a show where you need to give it the old ‘only on tv’ nod, but this season has been testing my nerves with each passing episode. It’s getting to the point where I might just stop watching, especially after last nights episode (I highly doubt Michael would have told Sucre’s cousin any specific details of his escape plans) Next week looks promising, but we all know looks can be quite decieving.

  • Still a big stretch that it was done in a clinic. Bodypart attachement takes micro-surgery. Not to be too nit-picky

  • You know I have too been disappointed with Prison Break this season. My reason was mostly because I feel it’s getting sloppy writing. Just the fact that Sucre’s cousin apparently knew of Michael’s escape plan (even though Michael never even told Sucre himself his plan) killed it for me.
    Let’s hope it gets better. Where is the thrill of Season one?

  • martha

    Hope it will get better and better.