Tonight’s Premieres: House & Nip/Tuck

America’s favourite irreverent/controversial doctor returns to TV tonight as HOUSE begins its third season on FOX (8pm Tuesday EST). While I won’t be watching the premiere (for the incredible reason why not, tune in tomorrow…seriously, i’ll be doing something way cooler… any TV addict’s fantasy, ok not quite, I may have oversold it, but tune in tomorrow to find out) I’ll be PVRing the episode.

Another show I won’t be watching tonight is the fourth season premiere of FX’s deliciously disturbing drama NIP/TUCK. My reason for not watching is because yet again, CTV (Canada’s Television Network — sad but true), has decided to delay the premiere. According to their web site, “CTV will be airing the 4th Season of Nip/Tuck, however, no premiere airdate has been confirmed at this time.”

Once again, this TV addict will be forced to view the show via alternative methods. CTV, your lack of respect for the fans of NIP/TUCK will earn you one less viewer whenever you decide to air season four (and yes, one viewer will make a huge difference to CTV’s bottom line).

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  • CTV Sucks! You should get FOX 😀 (too obvious?)

  • Anya

    As another Canadian, if there’s an alternate source that includes abusing my Bell Expressvu to catch American broadcasts, I’d love a clue!

  • Grace

    HOUSE is my fantasy!!
    GREAT show…..AMAZING actor!