Holy Frack! Battlestar Galactica Scoop

Yesterday morning, I was LIVE Blogging Rosie’s Return to THE VIEW, when the doorbell rang. ‘What the Frack?!’ I thought. How dare someone interrupt me during Rosie’s triumphant return to Television (Isn’t this a national holiday?). I paused my PVR, and headed to the door (Yes, my PVR is the greatest invention ever). A Fedex delivery, what on earth was being sent to me?

Wait a second, I remember last week receiving an email from a good friend (high up in the executive suites) at one of my favourite television networks. He (or she!) did mention that I’d be receiving a super-secret package that would be worth the wait. Could this be it? Only one thing to do, scan the package for explosive devices (OC fans were really angry about my negative rants last season). Okay, what am I thinking, OC fans aren’t smart enought to build any sort of explosive device. I opened the package….

HOLY FRACK! A beautifully bound coffee table book on one of my favourite shows – BATTLESTAR GALACTICA As I begin to flip through the pages, I marvel at the amount of time and energy (not to mention expense) that the SciFi network has put into promoting the upcoming third season of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (October 6 by the way). The book contains beautiful photos and bios for most of the BSG actors, as well as bios and credits for the creative. How nice of my ‘network friend’ to hook me up with this incredible book.

Like any good story, there’s more. As I flipped through, I came across a nice page recapping the past two seasons of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. What a great idea I thought to myself. Lord knows I have enough trouble keeping track of who’s a cylon and who isn’t! My newest theory, Adama’s new season three moustache is a Cylon.

After reading the ‘Previously on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA…”, I continued to flip through the book. What’s this? An episode guide… for SEASON 3. ‘HOLY FRACK!’ (yet again!) I can’t believe this. I actually have in front of me the super secret heavily guarded spoilers for Season 3. Wow, such a rush, such power! I could seriously leak to the entire internet community the heavily guarded plots for the upcoming season (Serious Adrenaline Rush!). Okay, so here it goes…. Admiral Adama Retur……

Okay. I’m so not about to do that. Ronald D. Moore, if you’re reading this – sleep well knowing I would never ruin all your hard work (along with the entire cast and creative team) just to get visitors to my web site. (How many visitors do I think I could get? hmmmm – Somebody DIGG this please!)

Finally I get to the end of the book, and I see this….

HOLY FRACK HOLY FRACK HOLY FRACK! The first five episodes of season 3. This is incredible! Needless to say, stay tuned to theTVaddict.com for reviews, comments and possibly a few bits of scoop (take that Ausiello!)

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    You’ve got friends as Sci-Fi? I only have small connections to CBS, and they only send me pilots, you get five whole episodes. Tell me, how fracking amazing is it? Tell us! Tell us!

  • Aleks,

    Last night I watched the two hour premiere, Tonight I’ll be watching episodes 3, 4, and 5. I’ll definitely be writing up reviews of the episodes in the coming week. All I can say so far is HOLY FRACK (again) BSG is incredible.

  • Tim

    I am so jealous right now. I hate you.

  • Sam

    I don’t watch the show but I’d imagine for fans like that, that would be like getting the first five episodes of season three of LOST to me, so lucky you!

  • Holy Frack!!

  • Gooooosebumps!!!!!!

  • doowap123

    I think I speak for every BSG fan when I say “HOLY FRACK”… You are making us very jealous. Many of us can’t wait for the October premiere and you have already 5 episodes in hand. Let us know what you thought of the episodes

  • concernedcitizen

    doowap123…let me briefly summarize these episodes to satiate your hunger….they were good….very very very very good….bring on season 3!

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  • Maeghan

    Gimme the spoilers!!!!!

    that is one FRACKING amazing thing you’ve got.. that could easily sell for thousands on e-bay!!.. but like you, i’m not corrupt, and wouldn’t do it either “hmm.. that could buy a lot of BSG stuff, NO! must resist dark side!!..”
    by the way, it would look a lot cooler if they made the book with the cut off corners, like all the papers, books ext. in BSG.