Catch THE SIMPSONS early!

THE SIMPSONS starts it’s 18th season this Sunday at 8PM (a nice change from the recent trend of starting the season in November after baseball). But if you can’t wait two days to get your Homer Fix (mmmm, Homer), FOX is releasing the start of the episode early.

The first seven minutes will be streamed on a bevy of sites owned by the network’s News Corp. parent, including, and As Homer is one to say “mmmmm, corporate synergy.”

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  • tralfaz

    You know what I don’t get? Why the heck can’t the show air their Treehouse of Terror episode in time for Halloween? That drives me NUTS and it happens every single year… it winds up airing in November!

  • Agreed, it is nuts that the Halloween episodes don’t air on ‘Halloween’ I blame America’s Favourite Pastime though – not eating or Television – Baseball….. because of Baseball all of our favourite FOX shows will ‘sit on the bench’ until November sweeps! (Notice my brilliant baseball analogy!)