Fall TV Preview: Wednesday Schedule

tuesday fall tv preview schedule

lost tv fall previewLOST (9PM ABC, Returns Oct. 4) Ancient ruins? A hatch explosion? A really cold (Antarctic?) listening post? Not surprisingly, last season’s LOST finale left most viewers, well lost. With that in mind, showrunners Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse promise that season three will focus more on character, romance and action with less of an emphasis on the ‘mythology.’

Uncovering spoilers for the new season of LOST is as challenging as deciphering the secrets of the island itself, but here’s what we’ve found out. Three new castaways join the island: ER’s Elizabeth Mitchell, RELATED’S Kiele Sanchez, and the ‘Brazilian Tom Cruise’ Rodrigo Santoro. More importantly though, an event will occur midseason that will apparently ‘change everything’. As Lindeloff put it to EW, “Something’s going to happen in the middle of season 3 that blows the doors off the show again. You’ll look at [the Penny scene] again and say, ‘Sixty percent of what I thought I saw was dead-on, but the other 40 percent I never event considered!”

the nine fall tv previewTHE NINE (10PM ABC, Debuts Oct. 4) Although the title of this new drama refers to the number of people caught up in a life-changing bank robbery, it might just as well refer to the number of minutes it took for me to be sucked into this compelling new series.

With an all-star cast led by Tim Daly (WINGS), Scott Wolf (EVERWOOD), Kim Raver (24) and Chi McBride (BOSTON PUBLIC) — not to mention a new twist on the storytelling gimmick which has helped turn LOST into a cultural phenomenon — ABC would seem to have a can’t miss show on its hands. Throw in the fact that THE NINE will air in the much-coveted post-LOST timeslot, and it’s safe to assume that this show is like money in the bank.

30 rock tv fall preview30 ROCK (8:00PM NBC, Debuts Oct. 4) For the past few years, Tina Fey’s ‘Weekend Update’ was the only reason to flip on the [highly unfunny] SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. With 30 ROCK, you’ll not only get a little more sleep on Saturday night, you’ll also get to watch Tina Fey for a full half hour each week (okay 24 minutes minus commercials). Tina Fey stars (and created) 30 ROCK — a comedic look at a behind the scenes (SNL-type) show called ‘The Girlie Show’. Historically, viewers have rejected behind-the-scenes shows (see: ACTION, SPORTS NIGHT and GROSSE POINT), but thanks to Tina Fey and a highly likable supporting cast including Alec Baldwin, Rachel Dratch and Tracy Morgan, 30 ROCK looks to be a winner.

justice tv fall previewJUSTICE (9:00PM FOX, Debuted Aug. 30) Thanks to the success of HOUSE, the cantankerous yet brilliant professional is all the rage on TV – and nobody does ‘icy stare’ like Victor Garber. Fresh off his five year stint as TV’s coolest Dad (ALIAS), Garber returns to series television as Ron Trott, a brilliant, yet ego-driven attorney who will take on any case (as long as it’s high profile and ensures him a spot in the media limelight). Each week, viewers can watch Trott and his team (including DAWSON’S CREEK alum Kerr Smith) prepare for trial using the latest and greatest forensic (read: CSI-esque) technology. Already two episodes in, the show has featured some fascinating stories and top-notch acting. If there’s any ‘justice’ in TV land, Garber will remain on the small screen for years to come.

one tree hill tv fall previewONE TREE HILL (9:00PM CW, Returns Sept. 27) Television’s biggest mystery isn’t why audiences still enjoy 7th HEAVEN, it’s how on earth Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) and Sophia Bush (Brooke) can still act on the same show after their marriage collapsed amidst headlines of infidelity on CMM’s part. Aside from watching CMM and Sophia act as if they’re still in love (to their credit, they do an excellent job), viewers will also learn who didn’t survive the big limo crash in May’s finale and which of the women on OTH are pregnant. The show that parental supervision forgot returns September 27.

  • Oh yayay…Hooray for LOST. Talk about hours of my life I will never get back. Can’t wait to watch the first few season 3 episodes and laugh my ass off…

  • Stella

    Sophia DID NOT do an excellent job. Every time The Chad touched her, she visibly CRINGED. It was pretty painful and awkward to watch. That couple brings down the whole show. The entire thing is now a joke and not even a funny one.

  • Stella – I definitely didn’t notice that, but I suppose I’ll have to watch harder when the show returns. OTH isn’t one of those shows I tend to watch that closely – it’s generally just on because I started from the beginning and can’t stop! Sort of like a train wreck – you know you shouldn’t look, but you can’t help it.

  • John

    I agree with thetvaddict that Sophia and CMM both did a great job of acting, especially Sophia.

    I was especially impressed versus the GG L/L acting.

  • Stella

    I started from the beginning too. I really am just waiting for the show to crash and burn.

  • Awwww, common. Where is the Smallville love?

  • Smallville is on Thursdays! I’ll get to it.

  • Ugh, your Wednesday night lineup chart so painfully points out how difficult the choices will be for that night. You mean to tell me I’m gonna need TWO tivos to get all the good stuff at the 8 o’clock timeslot (sigh).

    Here’s hoping The Nine doesn’t get cancelled in the first month either.