The New Opening for Degrassi TNG

Degrassi has changed their opening just in time for the start of the sixth season. Personally, I like the original opening, but judge for yourself. Stay tuned to for interviews with your favourite DEGRASSI actors prior to the start of the season.

Thanks to Seriously OMG! WTF? for the tip.

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  • Emily

    Woah! No lyrics to the song? Aww man! Well, its okay. Not the same. Just okay.

  • I seriously miss the lyrics….

  • T. Paul

    OMG! Is Jake Epstein not in the cast anymore? And I thought Melissa McEntire had returned to the regular cast as well! What’s going on? Is this without a doubt the final version?

  • I know for a fact Jake Epstein isn’t in the cast anymore – he’s off to University (in real life at least). I too was surprised that Melissa had returned. I’ll try and get to the bottom of this and get back to you.

  • Frank

    Just curious, how big is degrassi in Canada? I know here in the US its huge among high school age teenagers and some college age people.

    But is it just as big or bigger at home?

  • Sam

    Sigh, I hate when the actors are aware of the camera and smile and do all those silly stupid poses trying to look all glamorous and what not. It’s so dumb.

    I agree, I like the lyrics and I like the pre season 3 openings. But I guess since they’re all older and supposedly more mature….

  • Well, no one seems to admit watching Degrassi here back home yet everyone seems to know what’s going on… plus it remains as one of the top 25 shows in Canada (and CTV is keeping it in primetime on Tuesday at 8pm once Dancing with the Stars finishes) so SOMEONE is watching, yet no one admits. I hear Jake is at Ryerson U (in Toronto) now for real.

  • It definitely falls into the ‘nobody admits it, but everybody watches it’ category!

  • I never watched it except for an occasional once or twice, and I will admit the show was pretty good.

    By the looks of the new opening, it looks like the show got a budget increase. And one question, didn’t most of the characters graduate high school last season? So aren’t they out of the show? Once again, I never watched it, so don’t flame me, haha.

  • Apparently a bunch of them are coming back, and we’ll see them adjust to college!

  • Jon

    is it just me, or did that look like a mix of one life to live and 90210??? it was ok. just miss the lyrics.

  • dejhana

    i can’t believe someone just asked if degrassi was as big in canada!
    i used to live in toronto..
    so close, yet so far
    and i dislike the new theme song
    the words were nicer not to mention the cheesy poses are a tad…cheesy