Your TV Favourites in Syndication

With the fall season almost upon us, television’s publicity machine has kicked into high gear. Promos and billboards are blitzing the major media markets, ensuring that every man, woman and child knows that GREY’S ANATOMY has moved to Thursday night at 9pm and that it’s ‘cool to be girlie’ on the CW (Seriously, that’s the best the CW could come up with?)

Yet with the continuous and never-ending media hype surrounding the prime-time schedule, it’s the syndicated market that’s often pushed to the background. This fall, some fantastic television will begin their run in syndication. Ensuring a place in our hearts, and our TIVO’s for an entire season. So grab a pencil [or bookmark this page], as proudly presents its helpful guide to what’s new in syndication this fall.

EVERWOOD may have been unjustly cancelled by the now defunct WB network, but you can catch it from the beginning Mondays at 8pm & 12pm and Saturdays at 8pm on VISION TV (Rogers channel 860 in Canada). U.S. viewers can watch the show on ABC FAMILY starting October 2

Canadians have a lot to be thankful for this fall. The W Network (in Canada) is airing VERONICA MARS from the beginning every Friday night at 8pm (starting September 8th ) The SPACE NETWORK (Canada’s answer to Sci-Fi) has started airing ALIAS weeknights at 9pm.

Missed out on DEADWOOD because you didn’t shell out the coin for HBO/TMN? Why not catch DEADWOOD from the beginning on the History Channel (Canada). While on the subject of being too cheap to subscribe to HBO, Canadian viewers can catch ENTOURAGE weeknights at 10pm on CityTV.

The WONDER YEARS finally returns to TV on TVTropolis, starting September 11 at 1pm & 4:30pm.

Starting Monday September 18, television’s funniest comedy SCRUBS can be seen five nights a week on SunTV in Canada at 7pm and across major markets in the U.S. (check your local listings)

If you’re a fan of sitcoms, but don’t want them funny, then ACCORDING TO JIM is for you! It premieres in syndication across North America (check your local listings).

Finally, C.S.I.: MIAMI begins its life in syndication. The series runs five nights a week (check you local listings).

Feel free to comment below with any shows I’ve neglected to mention.

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  • jls

    Vision TV is also airing Wonderfalls in it’s entirety. Monday’s at 10 pm. The first episode was last night. And just an update – Everwood is only airing on Monday and Saturday nights.

    Thanks for the Veronica Mars scoop! I know some Canadians that are going to be very happy to finally be able to see it.

  • jls – thanks for the update. That is a bit dissapointing. For some reason I thought that Everwood was weeknights – I guess it will be quite a while before they get into season 2 (seeing as though I have the season 1 dvd, it’s not as exciting on TV!)

  • I am REALLY not looking forward to the CW. I have a bad history with TV mergers. I don’t know if you guys remember the G4-TechTV merger, but that just DESTROYED TechTV, and for nothing, because they don’t even use any of the shows the channel originally had except for the game review show, ‘X-Play’.

    Could this channel push the network farther ahead in the ratings than the old UPN and WB used to be, or will it screw up with crappy catch lines and slogans?

  • There is no HBO in Canada, but you can subscribe to The Movie Network through Rogers. It’s about $20 extra a month.