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Welcome to the newest feature on — ASK THE TV ADDICT (Snazzy new logo coming soon!). Post away with your burning TV-related questions and I’ll do my very best to answer them. I’ve got tons of scoop on the new Fall shows, returning favourites and a general wealth of TV info to share. Answers will be posted in a weekly column (not to be confused with that other weekly TV column… seriously, this is a totally original idea, no asterik quizzes… I’ll be using hyphens, far cooler!). Too shy to post below? Feel free to email

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  • 1) When will LOST be cancelled?
    2) Can we have a weekly – “Best Song on a Show” Post? – I vote for “Gravity” by John Mayer on House this week
    3) How come your dog MAC never posts?
    4) What is your favourite colour?

  • Since the summer TV I watched didn’t lend itself to many great music-over-dramatic-scene montages, I’ve gotten away from my Good Music + Good TV section on the column – I would love to have people send me their submissions regarding what they think was the “best song on a show” each week, and we’ll put it at the end of the My Take On TV Column –

    email me: – that’s one vote for “Gravity” by John Mayer.. 🙂

    TVaddict – your thoughts?

  • Amrie, sounds good!

    Personally, I do think the Music TV Montage is compmletely overused lately. It’s as if writers are just thinking of ways to give themselves a break and kill off the last five minutes of the show quickly. The most guilty of this tactic is definitely THE OC…. they use the pointless music montage to death.

  • Sam

    AddictAddict you just really want me to to give you a million ‘sham on you’s huh? J/K I remember why you don’t like Lost. Hopefully it won’t be cancelled any time soon, for the rest of that actually enjoy it.

    I also vote for “Gravity” as well, of course, the week is still young….I doubt that will change.

    I have a question though. Do you know anything about the midseason shows? I’m asking because I just KNOW Til Death will be kicking the bucket soon, as will Standoff, Men In Trees, and Happy Hour. I’m just wondering what some of the midseason ‘replacement in mind’ shows are.


  • there’s this up and coming show (midseason or spring/summer show) i just found out about today… but it’s on The CW. It’s Gossip Girl (based on the novel series of the same title) and I like this book. It’s currently in development headed by The OC creator Josh Schwartz. I do hope he doesn’t put everything in the first season like he did The OC. anyway, any details you might know about this?

  • supersoaper

    Have you heard anything about a new show on Lifetime called Monarch Cove? It’s on Saturdays at 9pm, but I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. Someone told me it was good, but I wanted the expert opinion before I start to Tivo it.


  • Who in the world are you? I just came across this page yesterday. I only stayed because
    it sa id someone was going to Vancouver to the Supernatural set. I really wondered that
    can’t be true, who would let anyone in on the season finale!