Catch NBC shows online for FREE

Following in ABC’s lead, NBC will showcase their new fall shows with an ad-supported video service called NBC 24/7. According to an NBC press release:

The ad-supported model will allow viewers to watch episodes of their favorite NBC primetime shows on NBC 24/7, NBC Universal’s video player which will re-launch on October 1st with a new enhanced high-resolution, large-format version.

Shows included in this program will be KIDNAPPED, STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, 30 ROCK & HEROES.

  • Sam

    Last year there weren’t really any advance screenings for shows available for the masses, then this year, the same year in where just about every new show was leaked onto the internet, suddenly every network is offering such a thing?

    I laugh at the fact that I’ve already seen all of the ones being offered and probably most everyone else (that knows what I’m talking about) has too.

  • I was disappointed in the program, at the beginning of the blood splattering onto the truck window. This is not what we need in todays society for our children. That sene and your other sene showing blood, made me ill, and I tried to continue to watch the show, but ws turned off my the blood.

  • g kimmel. I will agree with you in the sense that I too was surprised to see the amount of blood on the window. But I think it’s just a fact of life now. NBC wants to compete with the gritty HBO, and blood and violence is sadly, what sells.

  • denise venn

    I think that it is sad that so many of us are becoming immune to blood and violence. It is an unfortunate fact that our children are exposed to it everyday on tv. As far as I’m concerned it is up to us as parents to monitor what our kids are into. Sadly, we are in times where it is all around them on video games, computers(internet etc…), as well as the television.