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Talk about your simple concept: Beautiful people do ugly things.

That’s pretty much the entire premise behind MyNetwork TV’s telenovela FASHION HOUSE, in which models boff artists, secretaries bed bosses and a day without a bitchslap is like a day without sunshine. This is the kind of sudsy saga which gives soaps a good name, and could, in all honesty, teach its daytime counterparts a thing or two about how to hook – and keep – an audience. Because one thing the folks behind this show know is that to keep people coming back five nights a week – which is perhaps the biggest challenge faced by the upstart network – you gotta keep ’em wanting more. And when done right, that’s what soaps are all about.

Fortunately, FH knows better than to take itself too seriously. As in the Spanish telenovelas on which MyNetwork’s offerings are based, FH proves there is no room for mellow in melodrama. Every back has a knife sticking out of it, each (bra) cup is overflowing and if a character is holding a champagne glass when the scene begins, chances are it’ll be flung at someone before it ends. This ain’t your grandma’s soap opera.

The story is simple: Maria Gianni (played to unlikely perfection by Bo Derek) is the head of a fashion empire which is under attack from all sides. Her only son, Luke, falls in love with a beautiful young designer whom Maria deems unworthy. That’s it, in a nutshell. Oh, sure, the designer’s husband is sleeping with – who else? – his secretary. And when not being blackmailed into the bed of an investor she kinda has the hots for, Maria’s trying to keep her company out of the hands of arch nemesis Sophia Blakley (as portrayed by Morgan Fairchild, who has spent her career perfecting the role of bitch goddess). Throw in Maria’s scheming assistant, Luke’s scheming girlfriend and a photographer who seems nice but no doubt is scheming something and you’ve got enough characters to keep things bubbling along for years.

But fear not, TV addicts! For this drama – as well as it’s sister serial, DESIRE, which makes the potentially fatal mistake of taking itself far too seriously – asks only that you give it 13 weeks, at which point the storylines will be resolved and we can all go back to our busy lives. After that, MyNetwork will launch a new telenovela (although already there are whispers of a FASHION HOUSE sequel) in the time slot. ?
And for those fearing that it might prove difficult to jump into a serial mid-stream, the show proves incredibly accessible by providing not only a recap of the action so far before each episode and plenty of flashbacks during, but a weekly episode designed to fill viewers in on what transpired during the previous week.

Like any addiction, expect to find yourself fighting it at first. “I dont’ have time,” you’ll say. But give this show an hour of your time, and this is one HOUSE you’ll want to call home.

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  • Sam

    I really hope they extend Fashion House or make a sequel because it actually ir really good. It’s kind of like the cheesiness of Passions mixed with the corporate stuff on The Bold and the Beatiful all in one. I love how EVERYONE is hot from the boring assitant to the passerby’s filling the scenes.

    Desire on the other hand…sigh…let’s just say I’d rather watch my fingernails grow.

  • I saw about 20 min of it last night and MAN ITS SO BAD. Can’t wait until tonight!

  • Marcelle

    Telenovelas are the best things ever!!
    Here in Latin America some of them even stop time lol
    Fashion House sounds like an updated version of a very popular old one called Cristal, if its the same one there is a big twist in the end, let me know if you want to know what it is
    Telenovelas are cheesy and fun and always have happy endings is about time america got a taste is just pure tv junk food enjoy

  • Jack

    Hey in case nobody knew, MyNetworkTV had a national open call in search of a new person to be in their cast!! If you go to MyNetwork TV’s website and click on the lower left link “Big Break Casting Call-Rate Here” You can vote for the best audition tapes! I was fortunate to have mine put on in the Los Angeles/Male auditions of Fashion House Broken Promise Lance & Michelle. My initials are JC. (Yea, I’m the old guy with the young chick lol) Being 2 or 3 times older than all the other contestants….I figure if Gray Power worked for Taylor Hicks…Why not me?? (Besides the entire cast can’t just be Bay Watch left overs…they gotta have a teacher/parent/cop/street bum or two!) Check it out and if ya like me, I’d appreciate your vote. All the best to ya’all


    Funny enough my real name is Gianni,so I am into Fashion House Great show Bo Derk is great as Maria Gianni . “Go Maria” kick ass you are really a 10!

  • Sue

    This show hooked me from the start. The only problem I had with it was that it seemed to always be going to a commercial just when the going got good. Who can we contact to have another go-around????? I’m going to miss it.

  • Sandra Marsh

    Well I was hooked from the start…..the ending was up in the air which makes me believe it will return… I right

  • They should definitely continue Fashion House. I miss Maria!

  • Twanna

    I personally feel this show need to return and remain as a regular soap opera. I knew Maria, couldn’t be dead. She was way to smart to let this happen. I don’t think it is fair for Television to tease us w/ such a great show then taking it away.
    I’m sure the new ones will be good but no where near Fashion House!
    This by fair is the best! BRING FASHIOON HOUSE BACK.

  • tariq albakri

    I* LOVE FH
    I saw all episodes, but in the end it is wierd with maria Not dead…
    is there FH2?

  • something something

    OH my god.. lANCe is so hotT.. why’d he HAVe to die.. i think him and michelle made a hotter couple than her and luke.. even tho lance is an idiot!.. but anyways.. thas my opinion…

  • flurries

    Does anybody know the nameof the song Luke and Michelle first make love to and also who it’ by.. i can’t seem to find it.. Please mail me at if you can find it..

  • Aliya

    I love Fashion House… Great Script… amazing direction… Can u pls let me know where i can get the soundtrack and wallpapers of Fashion House
    N i love the song that comes in the end… wen each episode ends…”There was a boy, he saw a girl.. she was beautiful.. she was all he ever wanted… ..”
    I so wanna have this song

  • Taz

    We have only just started getting fashion house here in Australia, i am so in love with Chandler! I gotta know his real Name, He is a fine piece of work, I love his sexy mean side. Anybody no his real name? Let us know.
    Also is there an official fashion house website? Let Us know, Seeya……………

  • kaz

    U can check out for more information if u haven’t been there before… I love FH… so bitchy, always schemes and fire… always got u hanging on waiting to see wats guna happen next or how the characters will react, what they’ll say or do. only thing is the flashbacks can get annoying sometimes esp wen they’ve paused it and your waiting to wats next!! Is there a DVD set? from aus~syd. kaz!

  • Joan

    FH rocks… Michelle is tooo cute… William n Luke r cute too.. overall story is good.. leavin a suspense at the end of the day… Good Going..

  • Miss

    Hallo every body all over the world,
    I am a huge fan from Middle East ( Kuwait ) and I adore this show. Although FH was great, I don’t think that it will be a new season. I hope I am wrong coz the cast and the strory are wonderful. By the way, did anybody find the name of the song ” there was a girl …….” ?.
    Have a nice day ……………..

  • melzy

    hey everyone i just started watching FASHION HOUSE and i think its AWESOME!!!!
    you know the guy who slept with his friend luke’s mum (maria)….well can anyone tell me whats his name coz i really want to know hes a cutey!!!!!

  • amrutha

    his name is micheal….and fashion house roxxxxxxx…….i want it 2 continue………

  • jwala

    heah iem a regular viewer of fh.its damn kool.boderek jus rocks.she acts damn well………plz plz extend da series………………


    Hey ppl pls help me out, i want a full picture or vid of luke’s back, for the tattoo. Or some further information where i can download episode and if so wich one should i be needing?

    Its for the Angel tattoo.. I gotta Have it!!!!!!!!!!

    Thx.. P’z n Grt’z From Amsterdam, Holland!

    Email me at

  • Sarah

    HEYYYYY! I need help, for months I’ve been tryin’ to figure out what’s the ending song, and I can’t find answers anywhere. Feels like the song doesn’t really even excist.
    It goes like ” there was a boy,he saw a girl,she was beautiful,she was all he ever wanted,he was haunted by her he was taunted by her,there’s no one like you” or something like that

  • Mor

    the fashion house theme is song is performed by CHESTERWHITE. the websites are and


    A band called We 3 Kings does the music for Fashion House. Here’s their website:

  • snj85

    Someone have the captured theme song and end credit song,
    please send it to me.

    and i appreciate if someone send it to me,

  • sanjeeva85

    It’s : Madeline Puckette – Nobody

  • kiwiboi001

    hi i was wondering if u had any luck with finding a pic of his tattoo?? If so can u please help me out i would love a pic or vid..