Free TV shows on iTunes

ABC has yet again made an incredibly smart marketing move. Not only were they the first network to make television shows available online, now the network is letting viewers catch up on their favourite shows – FOR FREE! Starting tomorrow at 12:01, TV fans can download last season’s finales of LOST, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and GREY’S ANATOMY for FREE from iTunes.

There’s one catch though. ABC is capping the free downloads at 1 million! So be sure to check out iTunes as soon as you can tomorrow. Once again, kudos to ABC for giving fans another great way to get caught up on their fall favourites before the new seasons premiere. For more info on this great promotion, check out

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  • Well that’s interesting. This would be the first of Grey’s Anatomy showing up on iTunes.

  • Definitely nice to see GREY’S making an appearance on iTunes. I missed one episode last season and would love to find see it.

  • So it would be safe to assume that previous seasons along with this season of Grey’s Anatomy will be added tommorow as well?

  • You know what they say happens when you assume….

    I’ll guess we’ll find out tomorrow!

  • 12:01 here on the East Coast. Nothing yet.

  • Ah, there we go.

  • Um, maybe not.

    “The item you requested is not currently available in the US store”

  • Mel

    Damn iTunes for not making TV Shows (especially the free ones!) available to Canada!!!

    I tried fooling it and going to the US store, but as soon as I logged into my account to get an episode it switched back! Anyone know a way around this??

  • el eri

    kudos fot ABC an iTunes, i´m from mexico and richt now i´m downloading the episodes
    this is a great way to refresh my memory on the season finales that air a month ago here in mx
    i cannot wait for the new season to start

  • Anyone else’s downloads come out garbled and seemingly sped-up?

  • My downloads seem fine. Although I’m surprised how long they took to download the double episodes.

  • Mel

    Hey! I looked at your contact info and it says you live in Toronto – I do too! How did you download the iTunes TV shows if you’re in Canada??