Gilmore Girls New Season Preview has had an exciting two weeks. First the first five episodes of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA show up at my door, now this (see photo above)! Check back soon (most likely Monday) for a no-nonsense review of the seventh season premiere of the GILMORE GIRLS. The answers to your burning questions will revealed:

Has new showrunner David Rosenthal successfully been able to replicate the brilliant yet incredibly fast-paced dialogue of creator Amy Sherman-Palladino?

Will the GILMORE GIRLS be fun to watch again?

Has April ‘mysteriously dissappeared?

Will Michel actually be given a story that viewers care about?

And finally, the question that’s on most viewer’s minds: Will Lorelai and Luke ever find happiness? (Judging from the DVD cover above, Christopher is featured pretty prominently. My guess is that he’s here to stay.)

This TV addict will tell all very soon. Stay Tuned

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  • John

    The Luke / Lorelai story is not the focus of GG for me. I am not anti-LL. I just think that any of the GG’s romances are secondary to the Lorelai/Rory interaction.

  • bob

    yeah, it is about the family relationship, thats why its sponsored by a family program, but i think david rosenthal will do fine, he already wrote 2 episodes from season 6, like super cool party people, where lorelai gets drunk at wedding, and i think that was a pretty good episode!!

  • tcgc

    Judging by his non-appearance in the cast section of the CW website, I doubt that Christopher is “here to stay”. He will be featured of course, but don’t assume he will become a regular.

  • I’m also wondering if the real Luke and Lorelai (Scott Patterson and Lauren Graham’s) relationship affects where this is going (since apparently they don’t get along in real life). It’s true though. The Gilmore Girls is realy about Lorelai, Rory AND Emily. I do like David Sutcliffe as Christopher who makes what could have been a bad character really really good.

  • pamela

    I wonder with rumors of Rory leaving … maybe Lorelai will find herself pregnant again … a baby girl could be the next chapter of the Gilmore Girls … with Rory making regular guest apperances. I think the story line would be terribly interesting. Maybe not as PC / family as in the past but given that Rosenthals other contributions to the show weren’t super conservative leads me to think the show may be taking on more edgy story lines. I feel snow in the air!!

  • Bob

    i think christopher will be regular in the show, in the season 7 previews u see Lorelai and Luke breaking up and it looks like her and Christopher are hooking up!!

  • sue

    I think that Gilmore girld was a real good show from season 1 to season 4 because after the relationship between mother and daughter isn’t present anymore and this show was appreciated for that wonderful relationship and for that special Stars Hallow atmosphere. But season 5 and 6 isn’t really a good evolution for the soap that’s why I think that Pamela is right saying that a second baby would give a new strory line to the GG.

  • sophie

    i hink that rory leaving the show would end it. Even if therer is another new baby.