SURVIVOR: Race challenge a bore

Did last night’s season premiere of SURVIVOR: RACE CHALLENGE, sorry COOK ISLANDS live up to the massive media hype? Were viewers really offended by the controversial new format (tribes divided by racial lines). Did it really have an effect on ‘the game’. Does anyone still care? Honestly, it’s too soon to tell, but here’s a tribe-by-tribe breakdown of what went down.

The Asian Tribe
The older ‘slightly off his rocker’ Cai Boi was definitely the highlight of the episode. From his early stereotypical Asian jokes – “we’re short and like rice” to his homegrown medical treatment for Brad’s headache, every-time Cai Boi was on screen, I paid attention.

The White Tribe
Flicka you annoy me already. Firstly, your ‘friends’ call you Flicka? Seriously? How old are you, five? Grow up and get a real name. Aside from letting your one chicken free, your name alone deserved you a trip off the island. Also, last night’s premiere helped viewers answer that age old question, How many white folks does it take to catch a chicken? Apparently more then five.

The Latino Tribe
Latino tribe member Billy had the best line of the night as he spoke while paddling towards the island. “I don’t know about you, but I feel this is ass backward, like our parents got on a raft — at least my parents did — and paddled away from an island just so I could have a good life, and here I am paddling back to an island.”

The African American Tribe
Not much to say here except they’re now one member short, and thanks to all of Sekou’s continuous whining during the episode, I’m not that surprised. Congratulations Sekou, your legacy is set in stone. The first one kicked off SURVIVOR: COOK ISLANDS.

When all is said and done, the show was essentially another run-of-the-mill episode of SURVIVOR. I watched the beginning, fast forwarded through the challenge and finished off with tribal council. Watching the episode really just reinforced the fact that not much has changed since I stopped watching SURVIVOR after season 3.

The ‘race card’ was a brilliant yet desperate attempt for ratings and media hype. Congratulations Mark [Burnett, Survivor Creator], it worked. You got me — I tuned it (and wrote abou it!). But if you’d like me to continue watching the show, you’ll have to give me a little more entertainment. After 13 seasons of SURVIVOR, I don’t blame you, Where else could you go? The ‘race card’ was an obvious choice. But do me a favour and call me when you pull out your last remaining card – I’ll be sure to tune in for SURVIVOR: THE RELIGIOUS CHALLENGE (Christians, Muslims, Jews and Scientologists)

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  • tcgc

    They should introduce Survivor TV Excutive Edition soon. Watch Leslie Moonves battle it out with Ted Turner, Jeff Zucker, Dick Ebersol and Dawn Ostroff…now that would be fun!

  • tcgc

    They should have Survivor TV Executive Edition with Leslie Moonves battling it out with Jeff Zucker, Ted Turner, Dawn Ostroff and Dick Ebersol…now that would be fun to see!

  • Religious challenge would be hilarious, like making people starve and then put a meal in front of them that goes against their religious beliefs. That would be ultimate exploitation! yea!

    You are right, this episode was freaking boring. I think flicka or whatever her alternative choice name is let two chickens lose. I find it hilarious that the camera guys could get shots of the chickes but that they could not catch them… and was was their plan to leave them under that wooden box the whole time they were in the island, how absurd.

    Cai Boi is great too, cannot wait until he turns up the heat… he reminds me of the Boston smoking maniac that just lost it for a couple of episodes. Who knows he might surprise us and be a great strategist.

  • Liz

    I feel like “Flicka” is the name of a horse, or something…not sure why. Thanks for reinforcing my decision not to watch this season!

  • Flicka was indeed the name of a horse. I believe it was a children’s book, as well as an upcoming movie. You’ve probably seen the commercial and the name is just in the back of your mind!

  • The chicken escapes, sadly enough, didn’t surprise me. The moment I saw the guys stuffing the chickens under the upended box, I had the immediate image of someone forgetting or not realizing that that was the chicken box and inadvertantly letting them out. IMO, yes, “Flicka” screwed up by letting them out, but the others screwed up by putting the chickens in such a precarious storage. Good job.

    I love the idea of the teams-by-religion suggestion. They’d probably have to be a lot more careful about their contestant seletion in that light, as there may be no other subject that’d spark more heat, within the game and without, than that. (Including: How many teams would we need to avoid offending someone for not including them?) But it’s definitely a fun idea to mull over, if nothing else. For example, a quiz challenge that incorporates questions from all represented teams, etc. 🙂

  • Okay. I PVR’d the episode. But since this is the first time I will watch the show in years, I ask if you could PLEASE not post the picture of the most recent castaway on the front page since it is an instant spoiler for people (for me this week!)…Thanks! I’m looking forward to the episode though.