Fall TV Preview: Thursday Schedule

thursday fall tv preview schedule

ugly betty tv fall previewUGLY BETTY (8PM ABC, Debuts Sept. 28) Historically, Thursday nights have been home to television’s most beautiful faces. We fell in love with Rachel’s hairstyle, Clooney’s eyes and the entire cast of the OC. But come September 28, a girl named Betty is about to change Thursday nights forever.

America Ferrerra (THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS) stars as UGLY BETTY. An ‘ugly duckling’ who lands an entry-level job at Manhattan’s most glamorous fashion magazine (think: THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA). “It’s a makeover show from the inside,” Said Ferrerra to Entertainment Weekly. “Betty is beautiful and charming and intelligent on the inside. The audience will fall in love with her because of that, not because of who she is on the outside.”

ABC has already fallen for BETTY, moving the show from the graveyard of Friday night to the lead-in for GREY’S ANATOMY (ABC’s hottest show). Now all that’s left is for America (the country, not the actress) to fall in love with the show as well. America loves a fish-out-of-water story,” executive producer Salma Hayek told EW, “I have no doubt that [UGLY BETTY] will be incredibly successful.” This TV addict couldn’t agree more. UGLY BETTY, with any luck, will be gracing the cover of magazines for years to come.

greys anatomy tv fall previewGREY’S ANATOMY (9PM ABC, Returns Sept. 21) McDreamy, McVet, Va-Jay-Jay. If these words mean nothing to you, then you’re missing out on television’s hottest, sorry, McDreamiest drama. But rest easy, it’s not too late to jump on the GREY’S bandwagon. The first and second seasons of GREY’s ANATOMY are out on DVD. Pick them up and before you can say McDreamy you’ll be hooked on the best medical drama since ER.

For it’s third season GREY’S is prepared to pull out all the stops to remain on television’s most talked about show. Guest stars already on board include Embeth Davidtz (SCHINDLER’S LIST), Abigail Breslin (LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE) and Diahann Carroll (as Burke’s mother). One return fans shouldn’t expect is that of Izzie’s departed fiance Denny. But SUPERNATURAL creator Eric Kripke is happy to point out, “If you want to see Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in bed, tune in to SUPERNATURAL!” Thanks Eric, we’ll pass that along to Izzie!

the office tv fall previewTHE OFFICE (8:30PM NBC, Returns Sept. 21) The question on every OFFICE fans mind this summer wasn’t who stole the $3,000? (see: THE OFFICE webisodes), it was what’s the deal with Jim and Pam? In May’s season finale, NBC’s hottest couple since Ross and Rachel finally kissed, after Jim surprised Pam by professing his love to her. Creator Greg Daniels promises a resolution [of sorts] in the season premiere, telling the readers of Entertainment Weekly to be sure to tune into the first episode. Like there was a chance we wouldn’t!

oc tv fall previewTHE OC (9PM FOX, Returns Nov. 2) After a critically boring third season, the writers [and fans] of THE OC are hoping Marissa’s death injects some much needed energy into the show. The fourth season, starting late thanks to Baseball will jump forward a few months after Marissa’s death, as we see how the gang has adjusted to College in addition to dealing with the the death of their friend. Not surprisingly, Ryan isn’t handling it well. Rumors run rampant that Ryan will join a ‘fight club’. Those writers really will use any excuse to have Ryan in a ‘wife beater’ t-shirt!

Viewers wary of yet another season of ‘angry Ryan’ should take solice in the fact that the OC writers have promoted two of last season’s bright spots to series regulars. Returning full time is Marissa’s sis Kaitlin Cooper (Willa Holland) and Taylor (Autumn Reeser). Also on board for a guest stint is EVERWOOD alum Chris Pratt (Bright Abbott). Television executives take note: Any show that uses any cast member from EVERWOOD is much watch in our books.

cw tv fall previewSMALLVILLE (8PM CW, Returns Sept. 28) I have a surprising confession to make, and considering I’m a self professed TV addict, this may shock some of you. Okay, here it goes (deep breath) — I haven’t actually watched last season’s finale of SMALLVILLE. It’s saved on my PVR, but I’ve yet to watch. Why you ask? I’ll tell you.

SMALLVILLE infuriates me. The show has so much potential, and at times can be fantastic. I really enjoy the Clark vs. Lex mythology, while at the same times want to gauge my eyes out everytime Clark and Lana play out their inevitably doomed romantic storyline. Don’t get be wrong, I have nothing against Kristin Kreuk (the actress who plays Lana), it’s just unfortunate that the ‘Lana’ storylines completely suck out all the energy and entertainment from the show.

That said, I’m a sucker for the Superman Mythos and will definitely be tuning into the sixth season premiere.

ugly betty tv fall previewSHARK (10PM CBS, Debuts Sept. 21) James Wood could read the yellow pages and keep this TV addict riveted. For a full review of CBS’s latest legal procedural, click here.

  • tcgc

    Oh masterful tv addict…How can you not have ER as must see tv? It still remains the best quality show on TV and you show it no respect. Grey’s Anatomy will not even last as long as ER and yet you show no support behind it.

  • Sorry tcgc, I handed in my scrubs when Dr. Greene died in Hawaii.

    Most of the original cast had gone and it was time to move on!

  • tcgc

    Clearly it is the writing that makes this drama the longest serving drama on TV, not the cast. It’s a mold that the producers have put together that makes the show successful.

  • I’m glad you still have the Everwood comment on the chart. Leave it there. Remind the CW of their stupidities. Meanwhile, The OC is back on my watch list for the exact same reason: Chris Pratt! Woohoo!!!

  • Jakers19

    Ok, I think you guys have officially become my new favorite podcast. Being new to it, I am going to have to do some catching up – but I look forward to that.
    Our faves at the Jakers19 household are Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Big Love, Studio 60, and the occassional Nanny 911/Extreme Home Makeover. We watch multiple others, but not in the extreme obsessive “What the F do you mean Moxi (DVR) won’t record more than two shows at the same time?!?” way that Thursday primetime presents.
    Keep up the great podcast!