The WB signs off

The network that gave us EVERWOOD, FELICITY, JACK & BOBBY, BUFFY, ANGEL, GROSSE POINTE, GILMORE GIRLS, and the cheesiest mascot on TV (Michigan J. Frog) signs off tonight with a special evening of programming. Re-live the memories with a special presentation of classic WB pilots. Starting with FELICITY at 5PM, ANGEL at 6PM, BUFFY from 7PM – 9PM and capping off the night with DAWSON’S CREEK at 9PM.

In a mere 11 years, the WB had a profound effect on not only network television, but the entertainment scene a whole. Think about it. The WB gave us JJ Abrams, which gave us FELICITY > ALIAS > and LOST. BUFFY gave us Joss Whedon which led to ANGEL > FIREFLY > and SERENITY. And finally, DAWSON’S CREEK gave us JOEY > which made Katie Holmes a star > which gave us the train wreck that is Tom Cruise > which led to beautiful baby Suri on the cover of this month’s Vanity Fair!

In all seriousness though, the WB was a phenomenal network, that for the first time, took young adults seriously. The shows didn’t talk down to us (in fact, with Dawson’s you generally needed to watch with a dictionary to understand what the characters were saying) and pushed the boundaries of network television. So thank you WB for 11 great seasons. You’ll be greatly missed, and we’ll forgive you for creating the demonic monstor that is 7th HEAVEN.

Please share your favourite WB moments below

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  • tcgc

    Most definately my favorite moment was hearing Paula Cole’s magical theme song for the first time the night Dawson’s premiered in 1998.

    I Don’t Want to Wait

    So open up your morning light
    And say a little prayer for I
    You know that if we are to stay alive
    And see the peace in every I

    She had two babies
    One was six months one was three
    In the war of ’44
    Every telephone ring
    Every heartbeat stinging
    When she thought it was God calling her
    Oh would her son grow to know his father


    I don’t want to wait
    For our lives to be over
    I want to know right know
    What will it be
    I don’t want to wait
    For our lives to be over
    Will it be yes or will it be

    He showed up all wet
    On the rainy front step
    Wearing shrapnel in his skin
    And the war he saw
    Lives inside him still
    It’s so hard to be gentle and warm
    The years passed by and now
    He has granddaughters


    Oh so you look at me
    From across the room
    You’re wearing your anguish again
    Believe me, i know the feeling
    It sucks you into the jaws of anger
    Oh, so dig a little more deeply into my life
    All we have is the very moment
    And I don’t want to do what
    His father and his father and his father did
    I want to be here now

    So open up your morning light
    And say a little prayer for I
    You know that if we are to stay alive
    And see the peace in every I

    Chorus (2 times)

    So open up your morning light
    And say a little prayer for I
    You know that if we are to stay alive
    And see the love in every eye

    This theme song truly defined a new generation of tv theme songs and soundtracks and deserves to me immortalized as a great song.

  • As I’m a student myself now, my favourite WB moment is when Felicity and Noel go nuts TPing the library at the end of the 3rd season. I wish it was possible in the library at University of Warsaw.

  • mg714

    Seeing Felicity & Angel, as well as Buffy & Dawson which are coming up soon – is a definite reminder of some of the great programming The WB had. I’m going to miss it, if only because the change to The CW resulted in Everwood being cancelled way before its time. I hope The CW can somehow make it up to us TV fans!

  • No offense, but if I hear that Paula Cole song one more time I think I’ll hurt somebody. Just about busted a gut seeing Scott Foley & James Van Der Beek riding in a jeep with Scott singing the song though.

    Very sad seeing all the old WB promos being played with “Crawl” by Thisway. Look it up on iTunes, if you’re a WB fan, you’ll recognize it.

  • tcgc

    I actually haven’t heard it since those days when the Mix 99.9 played it everyday for a few years…I would actually like to hear it again since the overplay has warn off.

  • K

    Can i just state how sad it was to watch those episodes again?!? They didn’t show Felicity in Chicago because of some stupid cubs game but my friends and i had a WB party tonight and it was just so nostalgic. Reminded me of my college days.

    Every Felicity moment was my fave. Loved that show!

  • K

    I wish they’d added POPULAR to the show line-up as they sent off the network. It was such a funny show and i miss Mary Cherry.

  • Oh crap, I missed it too. I was planning on tuning in just to pay respects. I just looked at the WB briefly only to find that the CW11 Morning News were on….. argh, here comes another crappy merger like the G4 TechTV one….. damn..

  • Kelleh

    I would just like to rant for a moment that because of this stupid merger I can no longer get my favourite programming. I used to watch the WB all the time but now its not available!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH- stupid Rogers Cable.

  • Kelleh, I have ROGERS cable as well, you should still be able to access the CW 166 and 174 on Rogers Cable

  • T. Paul

    The best WB moment has to be the debut of Dawson’s Creek. It’s not the best show on the network, but when I think of The WB, I think of Dawson. It put the network on the path that brought us Felicity, Gilmore Girls, and all the great teen dramas it has put on the air. My personal favorite would be Buffy’s WB farewell with her death. That was a twenty-minute long crying session that I’ll never forget.

    Oh. and though I loved all the old promos last night (how can you not crack up at the Watch the Frog spots?), I really was hoping they’d play one from the year they did all their promos with the “My Generation” remix. That totally sums up The WB to me.

  • LDawgg

    I miss the WB it had the best shows ever! Like the good ol’ days when they had TGIF and theres was Boy Meets World & Sabrina! Oh the memories anyways I was wondering if anyone knows the song that played on the commercial for the ending of the WB?