Is anyone else finding the new season of THE SIMPSONS incredibly unfunny. Is it possible that after eighteen years, the show that made animation cool again has just run out of ideas? Take last night’s episode for instance. How many times have we seen Bart steal Lisa’s limelight (Kidz News Anyone?). While I’m sure some die-hard Jazz fan will point to the fact that the episode was really a brilliant satire of the ‘Jazz World’ – I for one was just bored, and frankly, don’t care about the world of Jazz. Is it too early to say ‘Worst Season Ever….’

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  • Liz

    I’m sad to say that I gave up on The Simpsons after the season premiere. I mean, if you can’t bust out a funny SEASON PREMIERE (or at least one with a couple good jokes, for godsakes), what hope does the rest of the season have?

  • Sam

    Yes, meanwhile may I direct you to the only funny show on FOX Sundays, Family Guy? I honestly believe those people have years and years ahead of the.

  • FOX is seriously the stupidest network ever. The OC is still bearable but when they cancelled Reunion that was it.

  • Mohammad – I miss Reunion. Cheesy yet fun!

    Sam – Family Guy is incredibly funny. I actually think that the hilarity of Family Guy almost is making the Simpsons look a little dated. Family Guy is literally non-stop laughs, where as The Simpsons is at times, more subtle.

  • biggismalls

    I love the simpsons not as funny as family guy but feakn funny

  • steve hoffman

    Avid fan since every night at supper with children.too political.Why not make fun of Muhhammad,see if alive tomorrow.Pussys.

  • urmom

    The new season o simpsons will probably be ALRIGHT, but family guy is too much crude humor. True, it makes you roll on the floor laughing, but only beacuse of its shitty fart/sex jokes.

  • It started to decline at some point in season 10 and you just noticed? However the most recent episode, which is set in the future is surprising. It’s the best episode since season 10, it has emotion and depth and has originality with the storyline and jokes.