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I, as much as I love TV and everything involved in TV, love color coding things more than I enjoy doing anything in the world. I like making charts just so I can get my markers out and color code it. I like to buy 25-packs of Sharpies, just to color code. My dry erase calendar in the kitchen? Arranged and organized according to colors.

So what does my obsession with markers have to do with TV and why do I bring it up now?

The (almost unhealthy to the point of obsessive-compulsive) addiction to charts and markers has crashed full on into my addiction to TV, and I’ve created a lovely (not-laminated-but-it-should-be) grouping of what I’m going to watch as the season goes on.

My chart is broken down into four basic schemes –

Pink – shows that I will be watching live, not recorded, minute-by-minute, watching with enjoyment.

Green – shows that I will DVR on our downstairs TV

Purple – shows that I will TiVo upstairs

Yellow – shows that I need to find another place to DVR/TiVo/videotape


Pink – It’s all about CBS on Sundays for me – The Amazing Race, Cold Case, and Without a Trace.

Green – We’ll be DVRing Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Family Guy, and (much to my chagrin, but because my roommate is obsessed with the show I’m embarrassed to mention) The War at Home.

Purple – Desperate Housewives (because I have a feeling that season 3 will be creatively above Season 2), and Brothers and Sisters (I have to give it a shot, because I love Arvin Sloane, or rather, Ron frakking Rifkin – he’s the best!)

Yellow – America’s Next Top Model reruns (Wednesdays at 8 are just too darn busy for me to even think about ANTM)


Pink – Prison Break (at my parents’ house, with my Dad, it’s our show together!), Heroes, and Studio 60. That right there is a great block of television!

Green – The Class (because I love Jason Ritter and I really want to give him a shot), How I Met Your Mother (because it’s just so funny, and it really is a light hearted way to live through a half hour of TV), Runaway (because my old-school crush on Donnie Wahlberg just won’t go away), and What About Brian (because I really do believe in Barry Watson, and I want someone other than Jessica Biel to make a living after being on 7th Heaven).

Purple – New Adventures of Old Christine


Pink – Gilmore Girls (I’d like to give it a shot, because I really think that this season can redeem the mockery of great television that was Season 6), Veronica Mars (I love this show. Rob Thomas is, and I’ve said this directly to his face, while shaking his hand, and loving every minute of it, my hero and I think he can keep the awesomeness up and running forever.), and Smith (because like my undying love for Donnie Wahlberg and Luke Perry, my love for Ray Liotta will never die.

Green – Dancing with the Stars (Harry Hamlin, Joey Lawrence, and Mario Lopez. LOVE it!), Standoff (I’ve read reviews that it’s going to be the first show cancelled, but I really think it’s interesting. Ron Livingston and Rosemarie Dewitt have great chemistry and I’m going to keep up with it until FOX cans it), and Law and Order: SVU (I will watch until Benson and Stabler ride off into the sunset together, making out every step of the way!).

Purple – House (Hugh Laurie is amazing. His cast? Really awesome – even better than they were in Seasons 1 and 2), Knights of Prosperity (Donal Logue is great and the show is getting great reviews), and Nip/Tuck (sure, it seems a bit outlandish, but I really love these characters and I love what the writers have done so far this season, so I’m looking forward to a great rest of season 4).

Yellow – Friday Night Lights (Kyle Chandler. Peter Berg. Enough said.)


Pink – Bones (I swear, the chemistry between Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz is better this year than last. I just wish that Cam would head out of town, and fast!), Justice (Victor Garber. That’s enough of a reason for me. If you need another reason, Kerr Smith is certainly a draw. He definitely plays a different character than his old Jack McPhee), and The Nine (so many great actors, really great premise, I love it!).

Green – 30 Rock (I hear it’s just as good as that other behind the scenes show), 20 Good Years (forget what the reviews are saying – I love John Lithgow and I love Jeffrey Tambor so I’m going to chance it!), One Tree Hill (because I watch it for FTV and because the roomies love it and CMM), and Kidnapped (Jeremy Sisto and Timothy Hutton could make this show better by the second episode….hopefully).

Purple – Jericho (oh Skeet Ulrich….loved you since Scream!!) and Lost (after an uneven second season, I’m still going to worship the ground upon which these writers tread, so I’ll definitely be keeping this one on the TIVO!)

Yellow – Criminal Minds (I’ve watched this in reruns this summer and I love it. Can’t believe I missed it when it first aired!)


Pink – Ugly Betty (I cater to every suggested show, and since this is getting great reviews, I’m adding it to the pile), Grey’s Anatomy (as if I could actually miss this show? This is one of my favorites and I’m so glad it’s on Thursday nights!!), and Shark (note: this was not on my radar when I first heard about it. But I’ve seen the pilot and I’m so excited for season 2, I can’t sit still!)

Green – Til Death (awful….but one of the roommates likes it. A lot, and too much.), Happy Hour (ditto), Celebrity Duets/The OC (cheesy entertainment. It’s a good way to let an hour of my life go by), and Six Degrees (I will follow JJ to the ends of the earth, so count me in for his new show!).

Purple – My Name is Earl (Jaime Pressly is truly the best. I’m still bitter about the disservice done to her when Mullally won the Emmy!), The Office (Jim and Pam….Michael and Dwight….I didn’t want to give the show a chance during season 1, and then bam, Season 2 was awesome, and so I’m stoked about Season 3!!!!), Supernatural (those Winchester boys….make me swoon!), and The Black Donnellys (on ER’s hiatus).

Yellow – Survivor (it’s a show that doesn’t change, no matter how much controversy they stir up. I love it.)
It’s worth noting that I’ll be catching Smallville in reruns, because it doesn’t fit on the schedule!!!


Pink – Battlestar Galactica (it’s important to note that this will also be in the purple section because I need to keep every episode I watch!!)

Purple – Men In Trees (I really like it. I didn’t know if I would, but Anne Heche is charming, James Tupper is adorable, and the dude who plays Patrick Bachelor? A truly great find!)

What about you? What’s your schedule looking like? What color means live, and what color means DVR on your list?

In Other News….

Studio 60 is so great. I’m in love with this cast, and I really believe that it’ll last for a long time.

I’m having a Grey’s Anatomy premiere party. Well, it’s going to be three of us, probably eating popcorn and pickles, and drinking diet soda. But it’s going to be awesome!

I love Alyson Hannigan’s hair – she looks great with the bright red hair, and looks equally as great as a brunette.

Also, I want to commend Jesse Spencer (Chase on House) for his AWFUL AWFUL “your momma” joke in this past week’s episode. It was a bright moment in an amazing episode.

My roommate and I have started a book in which we’re recording our favorite quotes that can be taken out of context and read later – this week’s favorite quote? From the movie “crazy love”, starring my favorite thing about 24 besides My Kiefer, Reiko Aylesworth, “Change of plans. It’s sex time.” Bring that up in a completely unrelated conversation at a later date, and trust me, it will always be funny. That’s not your cup of tea? Use “Break an
Antler” from Men In Trees!

Best Music Moment on TV this Week

As voted on by viewers, this week’s best music moment on TV was the use of John Mayer’s “Gravity” at the end of this week’s House. It was a nice ending to what I think I’ve mentioned was a great episode!

What was your favorite musical moment this week? Let me know what you want to see in next week’s column and what song you think was used best.

Tune in next week as I discuss my 16 (not 10, not even just 15) favorite things about Battlestar Galactica.

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  • Sam

    Er, I knew we were obsessive Am (see, I like to think were on a nickname basis like that, lol) but MAN! I counted (because I have my quirks) 51 shows. I may be wrong but 50 is a lot. A lot of the shows on your list are shows I don’t plan on watching and can easily be supstituted for others for me (I say a lot like it’s a big number, but maybe 5 at the most, lol)I haven’t added my show tally up but I like your idea of dividing them into categories so I think I’ll try that.

    I think the overall acting and writing quality as well as the pacing and probably everything else about Studio 60 is fantastic. A 9/10 show for me. The problem I have is I can’t picture myself being as obsessed with it as LOST of Grey’s. But they’ll be nothing else on at 9 on Mondays for me, so I guess I’ll keep watching.

    How much do I love that starting quote book? I write as a hobby and ahem*borrow*cough a lot of quotes I think are funny and have my characters spout them. I never really thought about using them myself, but it would be handy to have a book full of the best ever quotes and the shows they came from (see all that you’re teaching me?)

    I wish I was having a premiere party of some sort. My friends taste and interest in tv is all over the place. Most of them watch MTV instead of network tv, so I don’t know. They do like LOST though. Maybe I’ll try there, lol.

    Sigh, sadly I don’t watch Battlestar Galactica nor do I have any interest to but I guess I can still read the column next week (sigh, I GUESS, lol). Hell, you’ve already got me watching more shows than I ever have at any one time AND planning a premiere party/quote scrapbook. Maybe you’ll turn me over to your BG fanaticism!

    Great column as always,