Grey’s Scoop: Meredith’s Panties are Key

Creator Shonda Rhimes has posted a great piece about her anxiety about GREY’S ANATOMY moving to Thursday nights. In addition to some great ‘tidbits’ about the start of season 3, premiering this Thursday at 9PM. Here’s what Shonda had to say: (Check out Grey Matter for her entire post)

Those panties…dude, those panties play a big part in the first couple of episodes. Those panties are key. Cause Meredith never put them back on. She rushed out to deal with Izzie and left Derek who was asking “Meredith, what does this mean?” and she never had a chance to put those panties back on. So watch for the panties – and I don’t just mean the shot in the promos that has them on the bulletin board in the hospital.

The first episode (which is called “Time Has Come Today”) deals with, not just the aftermath, but also with the past. I encourage you to watch the original very first episode of Grey’s Anatomy from Season One because, if you pay attention to the dialogue and the details, you will be rewarded in this premiere episode with some (hopefully) very interesting tidbits. And I hate the word “tidbits” but it does describe what I mean perfectly. This first episode of Season Three is meant to reward hardcore fans — it’s also meant to bring us to a place where we can say goodbye to Denny as well as deal with the Mer/Der/Finn of it all. Just remember that nothing is ever wrapped up easily on this show. Because things aren’t neat and clean in real life.

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