Wednesday’s Season Premieres

Tonight is a busy night of season premieres. On my MUST WATCH list are JERICHO (CBS 8pm) and KIDNAPPED (NBC 10pm. Also premiering, but not on theTVaddict’s must watch list are CSI: NY (CBS 10PM), CRIMINAL MINDS (CBS 9PM), THE BIGGEST LOSER (8PM NBC).

Also of note, ABC is airing last season’s incredible two-hour finale of GREY’S ANATOMY. Prepare yourself for television’s best drama, premiering tomorrow night, but catching up tonight.

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  • Tim

    TV’s best drama? I didn’t know Veronica Mars came back tomorrow! Surely you can’t be talking about that overrated pile of turds, Grey’s Anatomy?

  • Wow, Holy negativity batman.

    Sure I jumped on the bandwagon late, and totally bought into the GREY’s Hype, but it really is a fantastic show. Last season of Grey’s was better then last season of VM…. although VM’s first season was better then Grey’s first… so we’ll see how season three pans out for both, and meet back here next year to discuss!

  • Jenny

    I’m so freakin excited for tonight! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bones, Justice and Criminal Minds and have been waiting on pins and needles for Kidnapped and Jericho. Yay!

  • Tim

    There’s no way Grey’s was better than VM last year. Grey’s has so many eye roll inducing moments it’s crazy.