An Everwood Story

The TheatreAddict had a TV related post he had to share:

I was returning to Toronto from my marathon of musicals at the New York Musical Theatre Festival (Insert Plug here: check out my reports from the Festival at, and was aboard a new Air Canada plane with swanky new entertainment consoles for each passenger, including us riff raff in economy. The touch screen allows you to breeze through categories of movies, music and television. The TV section had divisions such as comedy, drama, Bravo, leisure and family. After checking out a few mainstream areas I decided to check out the family section. Yes I was hoping to find High School Musical (it airs on the Family Channel in Canada)but better then that they had EVERWOOD. Yes I am an Everwood fanatic. They only showed one episode and it was enough to get me through the short flight. A Kiss To Build A Dream On was the season 4 opener. At 30,000 feet it was so wonderful to get the season 3 recap and then laugh along to Dr. Abbott’s centre piece dilemma, Hannah’s noise making hair and anything Bright said. Knowing how it all ends I didn’t have too much anxiety about Nina declaring her love for Jake. Edna and Irv’s wedding was very sad. The image of Edna breaking down over his death is still too fresh. I remember being so happy that Ephram was not in a lot of the episode, as I was still angry about his spoiled brat season 3 antics, but knowing how it all ends his grand entrance at the wedding was very moving. The close ups of Amy and Dr. Brown were perfect.

Once again damn the CW and 7th Heaven! With hundreds of options on the console, even the woman in front of me was also watching Everwood. At the very least I am so glad it lives on in reruns and as in-flight entertainment.

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  • Liz

    Ooooh, those people at Air Canada know how to look after their passengers. Long Live Air Canada!! Down with The CW!!

  • Hey TV addict

    If you check out the launch party for the CW and listen to Beverly Mitchelle, or whatever, when asked what she thinks of the merger she says, “I think this is an amazing party”.

    Lol, so she doesnt like the merger I bet ya.


  • i don’t think that the show should be canceled because it is really good show and i like it a lot and it should not be canceled because it is really good show.