Deep Thoughts: Kidnapped & Jericho

Before I run out for the evening, I just wanted to throw in my two cents about last night’s season premieres. Firstly, JERICHO. I’m completely sucked in and curious. My only concern is that I hope the show has some happy and uplifting moments. The premiere was a pretty big downer (nuclear holocaust and all), and considering that I generally tune into TV to escape CNN’s constant ‘terror alerts’ I hope it lightens up.

Now on to KIDNAPPED, again, another entertaining hour of television. Like every pilot this season (sorry, with the exception of VANISHED), the show sets up the series perfectly. I’m hooked, intrigued and definitely curious as to how the writers are going to keep this premise going all season long (obviously there is much more to this ‘kidnapping’ then meets the eye). My only complaint with the pilot were these three points.

1) I can’t stand when a show ends on a music montage – way too overdone.

2) The kid (aside from having the highly pretentious name of ‘Leopold’) is obviously one of those too smart for his own good TV kids. Generally those characters can get annoying fast (see: Wesley Crusher, Malcolm), so hopefully they’ll tone that down a bit.

3) Finally, the whole Brookly Apartment building explosion being a set-up was obvious from the get-go. Let’s hope the writers give the audience a little more credit then that.

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  • Jericho…
    this is TV……….a medium that’s 70 years old.
    you should be prepared for programming for 70-year-old people.
    the drug companies are. your skills need to stronger in this area.
    go ahead and laugh while you pay Social Security Taxes ’till you die.
    instead….how about allowing the Old Folks a TV show they like?
    as a result, they won’t be at the doctor, sucking your pay away.
    meanwhile, you can blog and do stuff.