Pam & Jim on NBC’s TODAY

I’m sitting here watching Pam (Jenna Fischer) & Jim (John Krasinski) on NBC’s TODAY SHOW this morning (and yes I realize that Pam & Jim have actual real names and aren’t real people!). Firstly, I almost never watch NBC’S TODAY, and wow, I finally get what everyone’s complaining about – the TODAY show interview set completely does look like a dentist’s office!. Secondly, I can’t believe I just sat through an hour of the TODAY SHOW for [literally] a four minute interview with Pam & Jim. Okay, it was worth it, they are adorable! Here’s what we learned about tonight’s premiere:

Meredith Viera asks (the obvious): What’s going to happen in tonight’s episode.
Jenna Fischer says: You’ll find out everything in tonight’s premiere. Really, it’s all resolved.
John Krasinski says: That’s it, we’ve got one more good episode and then we’re done.

Needless to say, this TV addict will be tuning in.

Update: Not Suprisingly, the video has been posted on youtube. I love youtube.

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