The Office & Grey’s Anatomy Return

Could I BE anymore excited for tonight’s season premieres. After a long summer of reruns, we’ll finally get to discover the fallout from quite a few season finale shockers.

On THE OFFICE front, we’ll discover the fallout from JIM & PAM’s BIG KISS! Are Pam and Roy married? (let’s hope not). Is Jim still working in ‘The Office’? Find out tonight, 8:30PM NBC

Over on the other side of the country, this TV addict will be checking into Seattle Grace to find out how Dr. Burke’s doing, who Meredith has choosen and how poor Izzie’s doing after the ‘Denny Debacle’. Tune into the season premiere of GREY’S ANATOMY at 9PM on ABC. (at 8PM there’s a great re-cap episode of GREY’S which I highly suggest checking out).

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