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greys anatomy tv fall previewGREY’S ANATOMY (9PM ABC, Returns Sept. 21) McDreamy, McVet, Va-Jay-Jay. If these words mean nothing to you, then you’re missing out on television’s hottest, sorry, McDreamiest drama. But rest easy, it’s not too late to jump on the GREY’S bandwagon. The first and second seasons of GREY’s ANATOMY are out on DVD. Pick them up and before you can say McDreamy you’ll be hooked on the best medical drama since ER.

For it’s third season GREY’S is prepared to pull out all the stops to remain on television’s most talked about show. Guest stars already on board include Embeth Davidtz (SCHINDLER’S LIST), Abigail Breslin (LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE) and Diahann Carroll (as Burke’s mother). One return fans shouldn’t expect is that of Izzie’s departed fiance Denny. But SUPERNATURAL creator Eric Kripke is happy to point out, “If you want to see Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in bed, tune in to SUPERNATURAL!” Thanks Eric, we’ll pass that along to Izzie!

the office tv fall previewTHE OFFICE (8:30PM NBC, Returns Sept. 21) The question on every OFFICE fans mind this summer wasn’t who stole the $3,000? (see: THE OFFICE webisodes), it was what’s the deal with Jim and Pam? In May’s season finale, NBC’s hottest couple since Ross and Rachel finally kissed, after Jim surprised Pam by professing his love to her. Creator Greg Daniels promises a resolution [of sorts] in the season premiere, telling the readers of Entertainment Weekly to be sure to tune into the first episode. Like there was a chance we wouldn’t!

shark tv fall previewSHARK (10PM CBS, Debuts Sept. 21) James Wood could read the yellow pages and keep this TV addict riveted. For a full review of CBS’s latest legal procedural, click here.

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  • Common Sense

    The Office may have topped itself for funniest episode ever. The comments, the stupidity, the expressions…how could it have been any better? The Jim/Pam romance wasn’t even the featured part, and yet this was exceptional. As usual, I was laughing so hard, tears were flowing (the only show that does it for me). Gotta feel sorry for people who don’t watch it, or claim they “don’t get” The Office. How can you not “get” utter brilliance?

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