Battlestar Galactica on EW’s Cover

ATTENTION FANS OF BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Stop what you’re doing and run to your nearest newstand. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, avoid CYLONS at all costs. Check out this week’s cover of Entertainment Weekly. To cheap to subscribe? Check out the story online by clicking here.

battlestar galactica entertainment weekly cover

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  • T. Paul

    How ridiculous is it that I haven’t even gotten last week’s Fall Music Preview issue yet and I’ve been subscribing forever. I can’t believe how long I’ll have to wait for the BSG issue. This is the last straw, I’m definitely calling in to see what’s up. No one makes me wait for Battlestar Galactica….except Sci-Fi Channel.

  • T. Paul – nothing annoys me more when my EW comes late. In my younger days, I had zero self control and bought the issue on newstands, before it came to my house. Not I generally exert more self-control, but sadly, Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto have been getting the issues really early lately – Thursdays, and I don’t get my issue until Friday (if I’m lucky) or Monday/Tuesday.

  • Gaius with a beard… I like it. I can’t wait till the new episode, please make it stop, the pain, it hurts 😀