CTV screws up yet again

Last night, CTV (a Canadian Television Network) inadvertently aired the season’s second episode rather then the first episode of GREY’S ANATOMY. A CTV spokesperson said it will broadcast the first episode in its entirety on a special day and time which it will announce later.

Yet again, CTV has ruined the television viewing experience for its audience. It’s bad enough that the network can’t air shows concurrently with our US friends (see: NIP/TUCK, VERONICA MARS the list goes on…). With it’s latest blunder, the network can’t even manage to broadcast episodes in order (they do realize they’re a TV network right?). Remember last season when they aired the ending of a DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES episode in the middle of the episode?

Who is running this operation that they can’t manage to accomplish even the most obvious things correctly. With last night’s ‘mix-up’, it’s more then apparent that executives at CTV aren’t actually fans of television. For if any of them were, they would have been watching their own network last night to see what was happening on GREY’S ANATOMY (one of television’s hottest shows), realized there was a problem, and fixed it within minutes. Clearly someone at CTV has to get a clue. Vote theTVaddict as CTV’s next president! I’ll enssure Canadian viewers actually get what they want! (Campaign coming soon, check back!)

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  • Jo

    I thought it was hilarious, but us Albertans also got to watch both episodes, albeit out of order, so I can understand why not getting the premiere would be upsetting. I have to agree with everything else said about CTV though. I just try to avoid watching that channel whenever possible.
    Isn’t ABC repeating the premiere tonight for anyone who didn’t get to see it? It wasn’t that big a deal seeing the eps in reverse order, the premiere just explained a few more things.

  • Sam

    That would be so weird to watch a season premiere AFTER the next episode. And I can imagine how frustrating it would be for a show as popular as Grey’s is. I know that Canada isn’t considered U.S., but you guys still are part of North America. It makes no sense why you guys would get shafted so much. I feel bad, lol.

  • John

    According to CTV, it was ABC which screwed up and gave them the wrong episode.

  • Jo

    We feel better blaming CTV no matter who’s fault it was. Ssince they screw up everything else so much, it feels justified.

  • chocolatebonita

    If you’re in Toronto, Veronica Mars has been picked up by Sun TV, so I think CTV has officially dropped the rights to the show. No word on Nip/Tuck

  • Hey Chocolatebonita.

    Thanks for the tip. Luckily I have the CW so I’m not concerned about seeing VERONICA… I just feel bad for the rest of Canada who can’t access either the CW or Sun TV.

  • marmalade

    I did not manage to see the premiere epi whenever it was that they aired it, and find CTV’s lack of competence to be highly aggravating. Anyone know of a place where poor schmucks like me can view the first epi?

  • CTV will be airing the first episode tonight at 8pm. you can then watch the second on ABC at 9pm