Whether it was ‘fat Monica’ on FRIENDS, the primary election campaign on THE WEST WING or discovering how a rag-tag group of strangers enlisted on SERENITY (FIREFLY), nothing puts a smile on my face faster then a flashback episode. There’s something magical that occurs when our favourite shows travel back in time and gives viewers a glimpse of a character’s life before the show started.

Take last night’s third season premiere of GREY’S ANATOMY. For two years we’ve laughed and cried with these character. So to see glimpse of their lives before they started their surgical internship was all the more interesting. Watching poor naive Izzie, hapless George and overbearing Cristina interact at the surgical mixer was so fascinating, because we know where their lives are now and how much has changed. Seeing the McDreamy/Addison break-up was all the more heart-breaking because we’ve learned to love [and possibly forgive?] Addision. And finally, seeing the first meeting between Meredith and McDreamy, so cool. Who knew that a simple meeting would have such a profound affect on both of their lives.

Of course what more viewers tuned into see was whether or not Izzie would be able to recover from Denny’s death. Like a love, no doubt it will take time, but after spending an episode locked in the bathroom, Izzie finally ended the episode by getting up and saying ‘She’s Ready’. Good to know, because viewers are no doubt ready to see Izzie smile again, and more importantly, for an entire season of episodes as good as last nights.

So happy GREY’s is back.

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  • Oh, I know. How gut wrenching were some of those scenes? Loved Callie’s “I’m going to leave for an extended period of time for no reason at all.” and “I’m that girl who sits in the back of class who eats her hair.”

    Totally wasn’t prepared for Christina’s break down and “Don’t ever die.” That was a little gut wrenching.

  • Agreed, Christina is so strong… and to see her act vulnerable was so great. Also, Love Callie… especially since I caught a bit of her guest hosting on THE VIEW… and any actress who can handle sitting at a table with the women of THE VIEW get kudos from me.

  • Al

    we saw 2nd episode by accident of network(CTV) in Canada, not sure if you want too many details or not, Izzie struggles, Alyx is an ass, sexy panties on display, contest for Meredith, shocker ending…

  • Al, did CTV really air the second episode by mistake? really? interesting…. please email me spoilers:

  • Al – did they air episode 1 instead of episode 2??? or in addition to episode 1? Wow, CTV is dumb

  • greyarea

    Gosh. Shonda Rhimes won’t be happy about episode 2 being aired a week early…

    Anyone know where I can download it?! Heehee. 😀

  • Well, what happened was that the episode due on 9/28 was ORIGINALLY the Season Premiere. ABC didn’t think it was strong enough, so they asked Shonda to write an alternate Season Premiere. CTV must not have gotten the memo on the new premiere, so they played the now 2nd episode by mistake. Michael Ausiello said in his column a week or so back that this was the case. Pretty funny though, wonder if it’s made its way to YouTube yet?

  • Tim, that is such good inside scoop. You get a smiley face for that 🙂

  • I know right? I’ve been getting scoop all over lately. I should get my own column or something!