Exclusive Smallville Pics: Green Arrow

The series I love to hate returns with all new episodes on September 28, 2006. Let’s hope for season six we see more of Lex vs. Clark and less of Lana. Here are a few pics of Justin Hartley, playing Oliver Queen (aka The Green Arrow) the latest ‘superhero’ to drop by the sleepy Kansas Town.

justin hartley green arrow smallville

justin hartley green arrow smallville

justin hartley green arrow smallville

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  • Uh… wowza. Still would have rather seen him shirtless on a weekly basis on Aquaman, though.

  • Orpheus

    Youve got to be kidding me….Im not a Smallville fan and im usually never inclined to leave responses to things i see on the internet, but this has truly touched a nerve.
    Ive been a fan of Green Arrow for years now and this incarnation is truly laughable….Leave Green Arrow alone Smallville….hes far too good for you.

  • u know

    I actually think it is one of the better renditions of a DC character to appear on Smallville…flash was alright but too young and aquaman was good but cyborg sucked (all tech on inside…wats that about) but Green Arrow (young version) looks promising and he is a great acor for the role…I feel that they got the young green arrow right on the money with this character adaptation!

  • hypocrite

    It’s great to see new characters and all that, but I think a Bruce Wayne, Lex Luthor meeting would be kind of cool to see. That’s my opinion,but I will say The Green Arrow does look kind of dumb, so maybe a Bruce Wayne is not such a great idea.

  • i like the Green Arrow on smallville because he is so cute and hot and oliver be the green arrow on the green suite on smallville and he is cute and with tom welling aka clark kent on the show is Smallville.

  • Hunter R.

    i ll go with that maybe he’ll get hurt on the show and have to take it off

  • green arrow is so cool hee is my fav super hero

  • Revan

    its ok but would like to see the bruce wayne thing as well, and hell since green arrow is in there show in a batman meeting. lol green arrow isnt bad in smallville but he should have a better costume, i mean hood and shades doesnt hide identity very well dnt you think? other than that he seems more accurate in smallville with creativity and the technical bow and arrows thing very high-tech and cool. cyborg?pretty much sucks, the show made him weak, but then again hes got a good cover up since hes not showing any metal or such on outside for ppl to look at, aqua man? could do better on that, seriously he doesnt have the power feel to his character, and weekness to not having water for awhile kinda sucks. flash was pretty good, dnt know why they called him “impulse” instead of flash, but ok. bit young, but he makes up for it, as well coming back older in later shows. As for clark kent, some already know his powers,who he is, and heritage, he needs a disguise as well he cant keep goin using powers out open in normal way and be seen, and dnt think he can pull off the superman look since he doesnt wear glasses and everyone knows his face. but hey never know.. well theres much more to this show than you think, makes you wonder if they will change such things or add on. well guess thats all for ya guys. any questions,chat, or such-> ant54321@aol.com

  • Leslie

    Green Arrow is so handsome

  • hunya


  • ana

    i think he’s cute and that’s all i have 2 say

  • Ryan’s Girl

    OMG he is so hot!!!!!!!! I don’t watch Smallville, but I think I might!!!!!!



  • Cyndel

    Justin Hartley is so hot ! He is very beautiful !
    I love his superhero !

  • Firstly, they named Bart Impulse, because in the comic series, Bart first used the name Impulse, and after a few years, changed his name to Kid-Flash, then ultimately becomes the Flash.

    As for Batman, I doubt he will make an appearance, Clarke Kent is just a teenager of 18 as of now? If Bruce is about the same age as Clark, he’d just be 18 too, and he doesn’t don his Batman costume until much later in life.

    But I agree, Clark needs a disguise of something, and can he wear something else other than red and blue? I’m sure we get the hint already.

  • shmily

    actually, i think justice league is fine for now, more superheroes will make it very serious, and it´s not the object of Smallville. The object of make their appearence is to relation the actual story with the past story of Superman, but….if they are going to make more heroes, they should choose them as handsome as Justin Hartley. they will definitivaly won´t go wrong!!!!!!!!

  • **Supergirl**

    Green Arrow is pretty beautifull and he’s good person but smetimes is bad.
    I Love smallville and Tom Welling and Justin Hartley. =)

  • Sofie

    Justin Hartley is so Hot. I like every minute I can see him on the program 😀

  • Green Arrow in Smallville is cool. The latest Smallville has just hit here in the UK, but will we see any of the GA’s own villains entering the scene, such as the 1991 classic the Black Alchemist. To have him appear would be great. How about it?

  • Lex

    Green Arrow is badass. I totally root for him

  • greenbow

    Justin Hartley as the green arrow is perfect for the role! He is sooo HOT!

  • hugesmallvillefan!!!

    I LOVEd Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow, played by Justin Hartley. I thought that Louis and him made a great couple. I just wish he would come on the new episodes : (

  • Ana

    I love Green Arrow, he is so cute!!!

  • liz

    I think him & Clark Kent make a great team at saving the world:)

  • ulrich

    I love GREEN ARROW

  • He was great on SmallVille yesterday and hot too but to bad him and Lois are not together.

  • geli

    Green arrow esta bien bueno a cualquier persona le gustaria.
    He is really hot and so a cool actor here in Puerto Rico since he stared in smallville I watched even more.Clark and him are the best actors of smallville

  • i love a smallville

  • jennifer

    it is the best really. the people is happy thanks a it really

    thanks happy day a the people of jennifer


    hi i am happy thank you a it really . SMALLVILLE IS THE BEST

  • ooooo!!!!
    i love smallville so much

  • Ashlyn

    Justin Hartley is FITTTTTTTTTTTTT.
    What is he even doing in Smallville?
    He should be off somehwere off being really , really hot (:
    Or they could at least make him a permanant member of the cast.
    Like Clarks long lost super hot cousin.
    He could work somewhere were he always has to take his shirt off.
    or fuck it , he should just be the blond clark kent.
    In fact.
    Fuck smallville.

  • aRa

    jUsTin i love you……………

    why do your face so nice??????????


  • aneec

    i love oliver so much….
    you are very hot…

  • pauline

    you are the best of each other in SMALLVILLE film.. 🙂
    reply me please!!!! 🙂

  • You are very handsome.You are is my idol.I am very like SMALLVILLE film.I Love Green Arrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • viye

    green arrow is so cool…luv u to, welling

  • alanna

    your awsome! it was so great to meat the great green arrow! lol laterzzzzz!

  • kristin

    green arrow i love

  • hola la klar ken eres el mejor com lana ok sigan asiendo su serie o con kloy son buenos me fasinan les quiero mucho a todos por ser smallville soy julia rosas mallma de lima peru mi numero de celular es 988103967 llamemen ok cuidensen mucho ok ustedes me agradan como tanbien a harry potterbueno ustedes saben a yo tengo de edad 18 años soy tauro mmmmm chauuuuuuuu

  • ratih

    green arrow…green arrow…!!!!

  • Beccy

    Omg he is so so sexy i would have him any day lmao i love waching smallville seeing all the fit lads in it

  • HEHE

    haha I think that Smallville should also starr the Green Latern and him and Green Arrow shall kill all the main characters and make the show about themselves :D:D:D

  • i think green arrow is fit

  • Lana

    I think he is cute…not as cute as Lex Luther though.

  • Lana

    He looks really nice…they are very good at choosing costumes…not to mention they are excellent when it comes to choosing characters!!

  • Lana