It was so nice to have THE OFFICE back. After a week of angst-ridden serialized dramas (PRISON BREAK, JERICHO, KIDNAPPED), this TV addict could really use a laugh.

So much to say, I’ll start from the beginning. Dwight clipping his fingernails at work — so gross, and so not suprising coming from Dwight. I can’t believe Ryan got promoted! Honestly, I am shocked, and totally thought working in the OFFICE full-time was beneath him. I fully expected him to remain a ‘temp’ for the life of the show. Now onto who’s desk Ryan is sitting at — JIMS! Jim is now at a new branch, populated with some really funny co-workers. Ed Helms (THE DAILY SHOW) and the incredibly sexy Rashida Jones (BOSTON PUBLIC) — no offence Pam, but how long till we see Jim and Rashida hook-up! Sure the new OFFICE is funny, but it’s so odd to see JIM somewhere else. Finally, the reason why Jim had to move… THE WEDDING IS OFF! What a brilliant move by the writers. All summer long, viewers were debating what would happen. Rather then ‘jump the shark’ and put Jim & Pam together, the writers brilliant devised a strategy to make the show all the more interesting. Pam calls of the wedding, recognizing that she does have feeling for Jim, but the writers refuse to put them together. Also, Roy’s still in the mix, desperatly trying to win back Pam (sadly, I felt bad for Roy). Damn those writers are brilliant. Speaking of Roy, it always weirds me out when actors lose a ton of weight over the summer haitus. But thankfully, the writers found a way to believably write the massive weight loss into the show – Roy, what’s your secret – forget the paper business, become a personal trainer!

Finally, no OFFICE report would be complete without Michael. Ironically, his storyline about ‘outing’ Oscar was the strangest – and most uncomfortable of all. I’m curious as to why it was chosen for the season premiere, as it wasn’t all that funny and may have turned off viewers who were new to the show. I for one feel as though it’s part of a larger plan for the third season, and will no doubt have an effect on OFFICE dynamics. Perhaps Oscar will be trading with Jim to get Jim back to the office he deserves!

Whatever happens, I loved the episode and am thrilled THE OFFICE has returned.

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