TV Quotes of the Week!

With the new TV season in full swing, it’s REALLY time to bring back our favourite TV QUOTES OF THE WEEK.I’ve got some great ones, but I’ve no doubt missed a ton. Post away and check back Sunday to see if your quote made it!

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  • “I’m like the girl in the back of the class who eats her own hair.” — Callie Torres ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

  • Common Sense

    Holy crap, the entire episode of THE OFFICE could make your quote of the week. Frickin hysterical. If we must choose just one, how about:

    Crede: “Back in the 60s, I had sex with a lot of people outside and in the mud. A man could’ve slid in there…there’d be no way of knowing.”

    That may not be the exact wording, but it’s pretty darn close.

  • Common Sense – agreed, there were so many quoteable OFFICE moments. Creed was so funny with his ramble on the 60s. I can’t wait until we find out that he is homeless and lives in a shelter!

  • Ash

    “That just goes to show you kids, sometimes it pays to be gay.”
    -Oscar, “The Office”

    Tim G. that was totally the Grey’s quote I was going to put up. Or the one about it being “high school with scalpels.”