Got Questions for Degrassi’s Jamie Johnston and Lauren Collins?

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In anticipation of DEGRASSI’S return to the airwaves for a sixth season (Fridays at 9PM on the N, starting September 29), the TV addict will be interviewing two of the show’s biggest stars. So if you’ve got any questions for JAMIE JOHNSTON (Peter) and LAUREN COLLINS (Paige), please post below or email theTVaddict at

  • Forr Jamie ; Peter : Hello, I find that you play fantastically in degrassi, and actual is
    you, however, a complete sweet and beautiful boy I love you… p Im
    From Belgium xxx Nathalie; if you want me know joint me then

  • beth

    I was just wondering what the reason was behind the killing off of Ryan Cooley… I really liked him on the show and I think it sux that he is gone now:(

  • Kirstyn

    Hi this is for jamie : i think my dad went to school with your mom. it sounds weird . but its true. what school did she go to?

    p.s. your my absolute favourite character =]

  • lisa

    Hi this is for both of you..what do you guys enjoy most about degrassi and is this the last season of the show for good?

  • Merissa

    Hi Lauren and Jamie!

    Jamie: How do you feel about your character, Peter? Will he ever change and actually become a nicer person?

    Lauren: First off, you’re amazing. You’re my favorite on Degrassi, not to mention my favorite actress ever. When I watched “Shout” I was blown away by your singing. I think you’re a really good singer, would you ever consider becoming a singer in real life? Because, that’d be awesome!

  • hey this question is for jamie well if u could be any other charactor on degrassi besides the one your playing now. who would it be and why? also do u have a girlfriend in real life? also your my favorite charactor on degrassi. i think that you are amazing and you are cute to. well gotta go please write back

    – amanda

  • ?hey this questions for jamie. i was just wondering are u and emma still dating on the show. because im kinda confused. because i know she dumped u like at the dance but then i wasnt really sure if u guys got back together. but if ur dating her thats great because i think u guys look good together. but then again its kinda weird. because emmas like a good girl and ur a bad boy. so its kinda weird no offense. and also if ur not dating emma im srry. i wouldnt wanna make u feel bad or anything. cuz i was just wondering. and also i think ur charactor on degrassi is really cool. do u have a girlfriend in real life now. well gotta go bye ? ps please write back as soon as possible

  • kinyatta depperman

    this is for lauren: how did you join the degrassi cast and how old where you when you joined them.How do you join because I want to start acting and I would like to very much love to join the degrassi cast.

  • Crys

    Hey first of all LOVE LOVE triple love the show.

    Lauren- you are amazing , it’s been great following “Paige” through the years and ups and downs ,we’ve laughed with her/you and cried with her/you. You are a very brilliant actress ( loved you in Take the Lead to btw) and I hope even after Degrassi you’ll have a long successful and most of all happy career and lilfe.
    If I had one question, it would be if Palex was going to be a couple again. my very favorite ‘ship on the show.

    personally I found the end to that to be rushed I mean you guys were given the excellent 2 parter Lexicon of Love but just passing moments in another and then the cappucino fight with hazel? lol ok that was funny but ya said it was two months and I was like wow and then the next time I see ya’ll it was over just seemed like it was ubrupt and sorry to any writers but honestly not the most well written ‘sode. I just thought that if paige & alex loved each other they’d find a way like in the beginning of the ‘ship , to be together. I know I’m not the only fan who would love a Palex reunion 🙂

    Jamie- hey how’s it going man. I gotta say you play “sneaky mcnasty” so well it’s almost scary lol you’re obviously a talented actor. kudos to you and heard a rumor Peter and Darcy get together? hmmm interesting after the whole ” eyes without a face” thing..
    do you think that the right person could keep peter in check ?

    anyway that’s it from me
    catch ya’ll on the b side

    once again congrats and bravo..well played certainly well played .

    *HUGS* to both.

  • Amy

    Ok this is a little over reaching, but in season 7 of degrassi, I heard Emma’s going to be a prostitue, marco’s going to give paige an STD, and that Emmas going to have a miscarrige. is this all true? I cant wait for new episodes to come out, if I have alittle closure, that will make me happy. Pleaze respond asap!

  • Kirstyn

    This is for Jamie Johnston!! wow , it was awesome seeing you at the marlies game on dec.2. ! 🙂

    p.s. what school did you mom go to? 🙂

  • Kaitlin

    Jamie: Whats it like being on degrassi, having joined the cast so late in the series?

    Lauren: Two things, At a drive thru tim hortens in london my friends sister saw you; apperently you missed the drive thru! thats awsome i hate drivethrus! AND my question for you is how did you get in to acting?

  • Shanice

    I missed a episode ,how did JT die?

  • Mary L. Oatts

    hi Lauren I just love your charater in Degreassi you guys seem to have a better life than me i’m 14 and i live in the country west end in nc carolina i’m just a five fan of you and the rest of the Degrassi crew i think that your friend Ryan Cooley is so Sexy though i also think Drake is Cute oh yeah i can’t forget my future husbands Daniel Clark and Shane Kippel when you see them can you please tell them to email me at i would really appreicate it thanks love your biggest fan Mary Oatts.

  • colten

    lauren you are my fav and you are very hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    laure would you ever to a tv seires in the us

  • Lauren i wanted to know if emma was going to get preagant? And Jamie are really going to go out with Darcy?

  • Tom

    This question is for lauren collins:

    What was it like having a relationship with alex?

    Were you really attracted to the character alex in real life?

  • um hi..
    i am a huge fan of degrassi and i was CRAZY sad..when i saw the episode “Rock this town”
    And ended up seeing one of my fav. characters JT York dies i was dramatized. I literally cried my eyes out. But im not here to bother you and wine..but i was wondering what was going through you head..when you knew you wouldn’t be acting with Ryan Cooley anymore?!

    and then i have a happy question:]
    how is it working on the set with each other..and are you excited for the upcoming season?!
    by the way:
    Jamie your amazingly cute
    and Lauren you are a very pretty girl
    K…hope all is great
    “i know we can make it through”
    ~Kayla E. California

  • Kayla{above comment too!}

    okay i left a comment up there..
    well i have to of those crazy fan remarks..but You, Jamie..are mighty hot and Ryan COoley …WOW hes hot too..

    emma im jealous and wish i could act and hang with you guys.and your amzingly pertty…byes

  • okay i think this is the third time ive written but its cuz i think my comments or questions have been deleted..okay well ill re-write them..sorry i am not tryin to bother ya..
    well here i go…again..
    im a huge fan of degrassi and i watched the episode “rock this town” when JT york dies..i was crying that whole
    but i wanted to know how you felt when you knew you wouldn’t be working with Ryan Cooley again?! and also i want to ask how is it working on set with everyone do you enjoy hanging out outside of the camera work?!
    and i want to say..what a normal typical teenager girl fan would say to you…JAMIE you are freakin hot..and your friend Ryan Cooley wooo…he is too!
    and Lauren your really pretty and all of you are talented…hope all goes good with the new season can’t wait to watch!
    love California fan: Kayla E.

  • Sara P.

    Jamie; when I watched “rock this town” and J.T. died I couldn’t stop crying. lol. How do you feel about not working with Ryan again?
    I have a huge crush on you and Ryan Cooley, you guys are soooooo hott! Do you have any crushes
    on the actors you work with?
    I can’t wait for the new season!!!!!!! bye
    Love your biggest fan: Sara P.

  • Sara

    For Jamie: hey what is ur favorite episode and why?

  • tessie s.

    and lauren ur a great actor im ur biggest fan

  • lala

    jamie johnston! i am so in love with u!!!

  • sarah

    for JAMMI : u and darcy are sooooooooo cute together and i think u should tell the director or preson who is making them that HUNDERDS of people are wanting darcy and peter back together not peter w/ Mia i just wanted to say that for all my friends on you tube that watch degrassi and also i just wanted to say u r sooo hot and u know how to flrit !! and tell shanae that she rox ! 😛

  • degrassi fan

    Lauren– You and Shane Kippel both guest starred on the show Life with Derek. Did you two know each other from there or did you really become friends on Degrassi?
    Jamie– It seems that Peter’s girlfriends are always leaving him. If there was one out of Emma, Darcy, and Mia that you could have Peter remain with, which would it be?
    And I luv you Jamie!

  • hey jamie my name is shelby. when ever i watch this show i think how cute you are and now that my dad saw me watching this show my dad has blocked the show. but i still watch it. i found the code so now i can watch you all day. you, shane andjake epstain are the most cutest guys ever.