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  • tcgc

    What happened to your gossip site?

  • Yeah, I thought there were 3 “addict” networked sites. And when the heck did those start up anyways? Cause I just noticed them yesterday. And do the same guys/ladies write on it?

  • Sam

    Hmm, I must be late because I can’t recall what you guys are talking about. Another addict site? Hmmm.

    Meanwhile, Callie had TWO of the best lines in that episode so I’m glad one of them was picked, lol.

  • tcgc

    There was a gossip site set up this morning or last night and it has quickly disappeared…not sure why.

  • Hey All, with regards to the confusion over the ‘missing site’… I’ve been thinking of starting a celebrity gossip site for a while (, but to be honest, I’m still not 100% sure if I actually want to do it. I actually am not a fan of celebrity gossip – but sadly, the world is obsessed with it and I thought it would be a great idea to attract more eyeballs to

    That said, I’m still debating it and will keep you posted on my decision.

  • tcgc

    TV addict.
    I personally don’t think it is a good idea to go into that foray. There are other sites devoted to that and it will take away from the respect you garner on the two sites you do offer…but of course it is your choice. Gossip is not news and you will potentially lose the ability to receive teasers or great gifts from networks like you have already received. You will also lose the ability to garner interviews from actors. Just my point of view.