A Great Night of Television: Heroes Premieres & More

Tonight is an exciting night of TV, especially on NBC, where after a summer of hype, HEROES finally premieres (click here to read my HEROES Comic Con Report). Also on NBC, is the second episode of the brilliant STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP, and in this TV addict’s opinion, it’s better then last week’s premiere. Over on CBS, I’ll be watching HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER in the hopes that Marshall wins back Lilly, and PVR’ing (while I watch HEROES), the incomparable Elaine… sorry Christine, in the funniest sitcom with the worst title THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE. At 8PM, I’ll start off my night by watching America’s dumbest, nay, luckiest criminals (Michael Scoffield brilliant move to map out your whole plan on your body by the way) try and escape to freedom with five million dollars. Finally, in the category of ‘simply not funny’ is THE CLASS. Much to my chagrin, I simply haven’t found the first three episodes of this sitcom funny, and may only return when Sara Gilbert (Darlene from ROSEANNE) returns in future episodes.

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  • OMG. Studio 60 is soooo good this week. It was on here in Canada last night…What a terrific show. I can’t wait for next week!

  • Oh crap, I forgot that Studio 60 is on Sunday on CTV.

    God, I’m happy that 7th Heaven is on before Runaway. So then I can watch that and see how pathetic the show is now, and then go to bed, cause I dont want to stay up until 11 tonight. (I’m in Atlantic Canada).

    I guess I’ll tape Heros and Studio 60.

  • Noooo!! Why would you watch 7th Heaven just to see how pathetic it is. If you like it, that’s one thing, but if you don’t, then for goodness sake DON’T give them the ratings. Why do you think the show is back in the first place? It’s because so many people turned in just to see how it would end. The CW mistook that as people actually being interested in the show. 🙂

  • GMMR, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Sean – Please don’t support 7th HEAVEN!

  • lori

    Heh, I saved the picture of the chart because of the part where it goes “Runaway [Everwood should be here. Yup, still bitter]. Love it!!! I’m glad that someone still remembers the wonderfulness that was Everwood.

  • I’m sorry, I did tune in to 7th Heaven. Although after seeing how pathetic it is….. well… I dont think it will be in my schedual. Although, I may just get it off bittorrent. So then they dont get any ratings, haha.