Are You Going to Watch RUNAWAY?

Tonight, in EVERWOOD’S rightful place is the new CW show RUNAWAY. To be honest, this TV addict is still incredibly bitter about EVERWOOD’S CANCELLATION. Just wanted to hear from all the angry EVERWOOD fans out there, are you going to watch RUNAWAY?

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  • Jenny

    Oh please. It was 7th Heaven that stole Ewood’s slot and everyone knows it. 😛

    So yes, even if you say Runaway took it, I still plan on watching. As angry as I am that Ewood was cancelled, it’s over. Nothing we can do about it now. We tried. Hard. Harder than almost any show’s fans ever. But… I have better things to do than be bitter about it anymore. 😉

  • mg714

    Definitely have no intention of watching the CW on Mondays. I am still upset that Everwood is not on the air, but really I had no intention of watching Runaway in the first place (and definitely not 7th Heaven). I’ll be watching Prison Break and Heroes instead.

  • Tonya

    No Runaway for me…doesn’t look that interesting and there is way too many other good things on that night. I would have made time for Everwood if it had been around but instead I think I’ll try Heroes. I am excited to ABC Family to start airing Everwood on weekdays. According to their commercial earlier it will be on 5x a week from the begining starting Monday!

  • Sam

    I saw it. It was good enough. It’s no Everwood mind you. Why couldn’t there be Runaway, and then Everwood? Makes more sense to me. But whatever.

  • Kailah, 15, NY

    It should have been 7th heaven that got cancelled. I mean come on, 10 years for this show…..dont you think its a bit tooooooo long. Im gonna miss my Everwood heavily. Now more ephram/amy….no more hannah/bright. No more nina/andy. I’m really gonna miss this show. BUt i still will watch this Runaway show to see if it compares anyway to Everwood. If they cancelled Everwood, they had better have a good reason for it, so this show better be good. Whew, i didnt realize i could vent out that much. lol

  • lori

    I feel dirty for saying it, but I watched Runaway willingly and it wasn’t half bad. I love Everwood to death, and no one can say that I can’t be bitter. Everyone moves on at different rates. I have a right to mourn the departure of such a good show, buuuut I can’t punish Runaway. I blame the dreck that is One Tree Hill and 7th Heaven. Runaway has its redeeming moments, and the spirit of the younger brother on the show reminds me a little of young Delia.

  • JD Lamb

    Nope. Canceling Everwood. CW Losses 4 Million Viewers.

  • Liz

    Well, 4 million countable viewers and then the rest. I watched Runaway, but I don’t see how long it can last. I am still SO p*ssed they cancelled Everwood that I have pinecone smoke coming out of my ears, but I lay the blame at the door of the Great 7th Heaven Conspiracy.

  • Common Sense

    Watched it. Prefer Everwood, as any sane viewer would. How can CW justify cancelling an established show with multi-generational cast…to replace it with a series that’s completely lost in the sea of similar-genre dramas? With all of FOX’s new shows failing (per Hollywood Reporter today) and the other nets soon to follow, maybe execs will finally get the message not to mess with shows we’ve grown accustomed to over the years. They become part of our family, and with everyone’s hectic skeds these days, when a “family” member is axed unceremoniously, it’s hard–if not downright impossible–to interest viewers in a “new” family. That said, the EVERWOOD mistake will haunt CW for a long time to come.

  • Liz

    Ho Ho Ho, and let the haunting commence. According to MediaWeek Runaway came in last place in the overnights (along with Seventh Heaven Ho, Ho and Ho-er… 🙂 losing 51% of the lead-in… That’s 2.3 million viewers. Oops, indeed…

  • I blame 7th Heaven AND One Tree Hill. OTH had lower ratings, but more real life trashy gossip buzz so they decided to keep that so we can keep hearing about who Chad Michael Murray will marry this year.

    Still holding a grudge to The CW for Everwood and it will remain for a long time (or as long as 7th Heaven is on the air, which now seems like forever).

  • Tim

    I had DVR’d Runaway, but after reading about the ratings a few minutes ago, I am not even going to bother watching it. It is doomed for cancellation.

  • Burke

    Get this: Runaway had 38% fewer households tuned in than JUST LEGAL’s premiere last season. Just Legal was gone after 3 airings. I want to hear Dawn’s “justification” one more time of bringing back 7th Heave (my new name for it) because of its…ahem…young demos—and then turning it into a show about two 50ish has-beens, Lucy—TV’s most annoying character, and two twin brats who defy description.

    Oh yeah, the “justification” was to give Runaway a nice lead-in launch. BAA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!! How many in that CW boardroom this morning are rueing the day they stiffed the critically-acclaimed Everwood and its oh-so-loyal audience? You just don’t mess with fickle viewers who are willing to hold a deservedly-so grudge, Dawn.

  • Wow… 7th Heaven sucked last night. I spent the whole time saying, “This show has no purpose.” I’m not even joking. It does have no purpose anymore. At least in season 7 or so, they had a problem, and then they fixed it in that same episode. Now it all just drags on and on and on. I can see myself missing the shows aciddently just because I don’t care enough to actually see it.

    As for Runaway. One word, “Bittorrent. I dont want to support the show, yet I am curious. Oh, and how were the 7th Heaven ratings last night guys? Bad I hope. It was a sad show.

  • ButterflyAmy

    I watched Runaway… it was pretty good and held my attention well enough, but not what I would call a great first episode by no means… I really miss Everwood, but wouldn’t punish a new show for the Networks failure.

  • Gaius

    The CW came in last on Monday of all the networks and both its shows “7th Heaven” AND “Runaway” did pretty bad. I don’t think “Runaway” will last and I didn’t find it really interesting, especially compared to “Heroes” which also started last night.
    I’m not sure how big of a difference keeping “Everwood” would have made in the ratings, but I am sure that Monday night would not have been such a disaster for the CW. I guess in the future they will be more careful before deciding to keep one show (Everwood) and cancel another (7th Heaven) and then changing their minds at the last minute.

  • Jamie


  • Jamie


  • Cristina

    Dear CW Network,
    In regards to your decision to cancel the acclaimed show “Everwood,” all I have to say is that I hope you made the right decision. The millions of viewers you will lose is an exponential amount. You are taking away a family show that captured the attention of viewers due to the many issues dealt with on the show. Fans, like myself are now left to wonder how the spectacular writers would have ended it, in the rightful manner, not in the high-end heartless corporate way you shoved the televison show right off the air. So again, think about your decision, I really hope you do.

  • noor

    there so many tv shows on tv like 100 of them and half of them should not be on air in first place.
    prison break and heroes and studio 60 are 3 good show to watch on monday
    gilmore girl is a good show but it most stop to end of the final season
    v-mars is good show
    friday night lights should get cancel
    smith is going to be cancel
    antm should be on a different time and day
    oth is every good show move it back to tuesday night
    lost is every great show on tv
    kidnapped is every good show but it should be on new night
    Jericho is every good show
    they should
    move kidnapped and Jericho to one night like tuesday
    8pm Jericho and 10pm kidnapped
    nine should get cancel in 10 secs
    smallville is good show
    grey’s is #1 should go back to sunday night
    csi is good put it on new time and day

  • another blogger

    Like every show that the WB tried to put in Everwood’s spot, Runaway got cancelled too. I could have predicted that, just look what happened to Summerland or Pepper Dennis, two shows that replaced Everwood’s spot, and failed.
    Everyone knew there was no way every show would last, Everwood, if not kept in the regular line up, would have made a great backup to take the spot when a show failed.
    I watched the preview for Runaway, and got excited. I thought the show would be an Action on par with Prison Break, but it turned out to be just another drama. I continued to watch Runaway after the first episode waiting for it to get more interesting.
    Did anyone else within the first few minutes of the first episode determine that the father killed the girl just from the fact he is creepy?

  • i think that you who ever cancelled my favorite show “EVERWOOD” SUCKS IT IS such a good show i love it.. and you can’t close the show down because you left it off on nina leaving
    plz don’t cancel it down i love the show sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i love the relationship of ephram and amy have it’s sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!plz put it back on new shows new everything plz except for people!!!!!!!!!!!!1