Brothers & Sisters is Surprisingly Good

In spite of all the negative media buzz and behind the scenes changes, I still felt compelled to tune into last night’s series premiere of ABC’S BROTHERS & SISTERS. No, not for Calista Flockhart – rather to support ALIAS alum Ron Rifkin.

Thankfully, Rifkin’s character, Sloane, sorry… Saul Holden, is already up to his evil antics, mysteriously moving around [family] funds from the company pension plan. Rifkin’s character aside, I found myself surprised with how much I enjoyed last night’s premiere. The pilot was well acted and enough questions were raised to keep me hooked. Whether or not I stay tuned will depend on the quality of the story-telling, but with Greg Berlanti (EVERWOOD) at the helm, I have faith that the show will remain must watch throughout the season.

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  • Common Sense

    I tend to agree with you about B&S, or, as it may soon become known as, “BS.” Sally Field is just one of the best actresses working, period. It’s not a must-see show, but it passed an hour; and I’ll give Greg B. some time, if the TV’s on.

    Regarding Desperate Housewives, that nut-chick has got to go. She’s ridiculous. Also boring is the surrogate-baby storyline. We need Edie’s nephew, stat. And need to know why Orson (Kyle McL just creeps me out) mowed down Mike…who, frankly, is a bore himself. Hmm, on reflection, there’s more that bores me about DH than keeps my interest.

  • hen0219

    Do you know of a site where the pilot can be downloaded? I missed it last night? Is it scheduled to reair?


  • I agree. I think everyone has been quite harsh on a lot of the shows now because the pilots are not a perfect Homerun (Lost, 24, Sopranos, Desperate Housewives) but if you think about past years, these new shows are still on the better end of things but I think people are just forgetting that and having higher standards and forget it usually takes a while to build a great show (Entourage, CSI, Sex and the City, Everybody Loves Raymond only had okay first seasons).

    On that note, I didn’t think Brothers and Sisters was GREAT but I did still enjoy it and didn’t think it warranted all the bad reviews. I did find a few lines as clunkers that were luckily usually delivered by a high caliber actor (Ron Rifkin, Rachel Griffiths, Sally Fields etc) that they could get away with it, but I have high hopes now that Greg Berlanti is involved.

  • Vance, I think it’s easier for critics to write a bad review then a good one.
    B & S isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely got potential.

  • I watched cause of Rachel Griffiths and Sally Field. Love them both, I’ll stick around after Housewives as long as it’s on.

  • Oh, and let’s hope Dave Annabel’s character progresses a little more. Such a shame to waste such a cute actor.

  • True, its always more fun to make snarky remarks and there are better lines that way. That or I’m just WAY too optimistic. On the DH comment from Common Sense, yeah. nutcase chick has GOT to go. she TOTALLY annoys me. Shes a bad Lauren Graham wannabe. I like creepy Kyle McL. It’s his MO.

  • I couldn’t believe it either. I actually didn’t hate Brothers & Sisters, in fact, I kinda liked it. Though this is just the pilot, the “real” B&S should be revealed in the next episode(s).

  • Claudia Pigeon

    I saw the Brothers and Sisters pilot, and I shall not watch any new episodes. Too bad for the wasted actors. I found this melodrama artificially sentimental. Like a bad Latino soap.