Desperate Housewives Returns

In last night’s third season premiere of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, narrator Mary-Alice had this to say about rain, “This is what rainy days are good for, they make everything clean again. Which is necessary on a street like Wisteria Lane, where everything can get so messy”

Reading between the lines, it sounds as if creator Marc Cherry was asking the audience to forgive him for a not-so-spectacular second season, while at the same time pronouncing that HOUSEWIVES is ready to take back the title of the ‘most-buzzed about show on TV’ (watch your back GREY’S ANATOMY).

Last night’s episode gave fans everything they should expect from a re-energized group of housewives. A new and intriguing mystery (so long Betty Applewhite!), a classic Bree moment (“I don’t do that — I’m a Republican!”), some phenomenal guest stars (properly used) including the always fantastic Laurie Metcalf (ROSEANNE), Dougray Scott and Kathryn Joosten (I love Mrs. Landingham) and finally, no Paul Young — His character and story sucked all the entertainment out of last season.

So far I’m loving Gabrielle’s battle of wits with her maid/surrogate Xiao-Mei. And was surprisingly not annoyed by Susan and her story with Mike ‘coma-boy’ Delfino. My only complaint about the episode is the Lynette/Tom storyline. Everytime ‘crazy’ Nora enters a scene I want to fast-forward my PVR. Even in TV land, no woman is that deluded to think she can just join a family like that. Let’s hope the writers have a plan to make Nora ‘disappear’ and soon. This is after-all Wisteria Lane and folks have a habit of disappearing all the time. Perhaps creepy Orson will take care of Lynette’s ‘Nora problem’ for us?

All this TV addict has to say is this: Marc Cherry, keep giving us episodes as fun as last night, and you won’t have to worry about opening season four with a mea culpa.

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  • tcgc

    TV addict,
    Your advertising is pathetic.
    At least make the ads relevant to your site.

  • Um, the classic Bree moment was her having her first ever orgasm and not even knowing it.

  • Tim – That’s part of what I was referencing!

  • Sam

    It was good, I enjoyed it. Espeically the first ten minutes of recapping and showing us what had happened and what was going on.

    Although, MC seems to be going in circles with the character he obviously saves all the best material for. I mean, how many psycho’s does Bree need to hook up with? Seriously, WHAT is wrong with her?

  • Lise

    This show should be titled “Pathetic Divorcee’s”. I can’t stand ‘Susan’s’ character…can a woman really be that stupid and childish? Bree is seriously messed up and Gabby is a tramp. I actually like Lynette but agree the whole “Nora” character could go away. Yet, I continue to watch it…