An EVERWOOD Reunion on Brothers & Sisters

Treat Williams is returning to television, sooner then expected! According to TVGUIDE, Berlanti (who created EVERWOOD) has lured Treat Williams (Dr. Brown) to play a love interest for Sally Field’s recently-widowed character in a late October episode of ABC’s BROTHERS & SISTERS (Sally’s husband, played by Tom Skerrit, died in the series premiere). Thanks Greg for giving me yet another reason to continue watching the ABC sudfest.

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  • woohoo! I knew there was a reason to stick around for this show (other than Rachel Griffiths and Ron Rifkin!)

  • Liz

    Yeah, they just better be lining up Gregory Smith as Treat The Contractor’s surly son, or ELSE!! 🙂

  • joanie

    Everwood should continue! Where else is there a great cast of characters and actors in story lines that really hit home?
    Pleeease bring it back!

  • This was by far the best series I had ever seen. I loved Everwood and was heartbroken when it was cancelled. It dealt with so many real life situations and issues. Please bring it back !