Studio 60 & Heroes added to iTunes

Two of the best new shows of the fall have just been added to iTunes. Click here to check out STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP, and here for HEROES. If you’ve missed their premieres, I can assure you, you’re missing the two hottest shows of the fall.

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  • ||—TheTVAddictAddict—||

    I defintely agree with your Studio 60 sentiments, and hope that you are right about Heroes. Last night’s premiere was extremely predictable and slow for me. I hope it picks up…I really want to like it. All of the powers they have are re-hased though. I want new powers. The Japanese guy is too much like Dr. Manhattan for my liking – just, you know, without the radiation. The cheerleader has the wolverine thing going on…I thought that was pretty cool…Does the evil dude with the glasses have a Prof X/Magneto complex? Who knows…Definitely worth the download for both shows though…

  • But, you don’t have to buy it. It’s free on the site.

  • Frank

    was it just me or did all the commercials and previews RUIN the premire of Heroes? It seemed like almost all the action or suspensful sequences were shown before the show aired. It was like a movie that shows all the best scenes of a movie in the trailer. The only “superpower” thing that was new to me was the ending of the episode, but that moment saved the episode for me.

    I too want to like Heroes, next week should be better because it hasnt been spoiled by commercials..except of course for the Cop who can read thoughts.